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Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) is one of the most advance dental hospital in Thailand.

Constructed from start utilizing digital dentistry and hospital-based high level sterilization design concepts for strict patient safety protocols

BIDH Dental Hospital Thailand 

Thailand’s Specialized Dental Hospital

BIDH Dental Hospital is managed by Thailand’s largest and trusted dental clinic network. Our dental hospital in Bangkok is established by Thailand’s leading dental network group. Established and well-experienced within Thailand’s dental clinic management, the group runs over 15 dental clinic locations in Phuket, Chiangmai and Bangkok.

Our award-winning dental group is one of Thailand’s top dental providers in the region and has earned numerous awards for servicing international patients for more than a decade.

Why Choose Bangkok International Dental Hospital

Thailand's Trust Dental Clinic Network

Listed on the stock exchange of Thailand, Dental Corporation PLC., one of Thailand’s most established dental network group. The group has clinical, dental supply and dental laboratory segments covers end-to-end eco-system within the field of dentisty and dental care provision.

Award-winning Dental Clinics

Our dental group clinics has won numerous consecutive awards as the FIRST and only dental group for providing outstanding quality-based dental services to international patients and the local community.

Awards including the prestigious top Prime Minister Export Award, Baipo Business Awards and other regional Asia Pacific Awards for medical and dental provision.

International Standards and Hospital Sterilization

As a new building and ample experience on evident-based quality controls, our dental hospital had been constructed right from start using Joint Commision International (JCI) Standards on sterilization process and patient design flow.

An Award-winning Group and JCI Compliant

Our Dentists

Dr.Preeda Pungpapong

Assist. Prof. Dr. Preeda Pungpapong DDS.,

American Board Prosthodontist

Dr.Kittichote Boonsri

Dr. Kittichote Boonsri DDS., MSc.,

Implantologist, Eastman UCL, UK

Dr.Somkiat Aimplee

Assist Prof. Dr. Somkiat Aimplee DDS., MSc. FACP..

American Board Prosthodontist, American Board Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr.Boworn Klongnoi

Assist Prof. Dr.Boworn Klongnoi DDS., MD.

German Board Oral & Maxilliofacial Surgery

BIDH dental hospital team of dentists composes of Thailand’s top tier dentists and dental specialists. Many of whom are American board certified, international speakers in their areas of expertises and professors at their universities to other specialists.

Our Dental Specialists

Each portion of your dental treatment is treated by a respective dental specialists in their specific areas of expertises. This means that all our dental implant cases are treated only by trained graduates and dental specialists in that field

This assures that you will get proper and safe treatment planning and care by skilled and only well experienced specialists.

All our dentists and dental specialists speaks English. Many of our Thailand dentists are American Board certified and over 80% of our dental specialists are graduates from overseas.

Implantologists Prosthodontists Orthodontists Our Dentists

Dental Implant Center

Nobel Biocare Thailand

Full Arch Rehabiliation Center

Implantologists and prosthodontists at our dental hospital are international speakers for Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants that trains and lecturers overseas dentists and local specialists on implant solutions

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nobel biocare center

Thailand Nobel Biocare Center

Full mouth dental implants solutions by Nobel Biocare for immediate function All-on-4 concept are treated by top implantologists who trains other specialists in Thailand on advance technique.

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one day implants

Immediate Implants Center

With advancement in implant materials such as active surfaces implants, bone level, roxolid implants alongside with digital dentistry and CAD/CAM. Dental implant treatments are now safer and faster.

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Cosmetic Dental center

Digital Dentistry

Digital Smile Design Specialists

Your smile is unique to you. With Digital Smile Design (DSD), your smile is catered to specifically to your facial profile. BIDH has its own on-site dental labs for porcelain veneers and crowns to shorten treatment.

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hospital cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

In-office teeth whitening in 1 visit 1 hour. Smile makeovers with natural-looking porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns. Safe removal of amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings replacements.

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Orthodontic Center

thailand invisalign center

Invisalign Diamond Award Center

Clear aligners with invisalign is removable and a comfortable orthodontic option. At BIDH hospital, all our invisalign orthodontic cases are treated only by well-experienced and qualified orthodontists.

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Orthodontic Center

Advance Digital Technologies

Digitalized intraoral scans, 3D computer simulation technology and digital imaging are used for orthodontic diagnoses, planning and treatment. Invislaign clear aligners are patented verified products from USA.

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Patient Solutions For

Missing Teeth
Dental Implants Treatment

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are simliar to having a new teeth roots permanently replace missing teeth. BIDH Dental hospital uses advance CT Scan and digitalized x-rays for implant planning. The hospital is one of the few dental centers that offers all zirconia crowns with customized abutments over implants.

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Dental Bridge Treatment

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges composes of crowns used to replace missing gaps between existing adjacent supporting teeth easily. It is a fixed solution completed quickly within 2 visits.

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Dentures is a removable prosthese able to replace missing teeth retained by existing supporting teeth or dental implant. Dentures is economical and easy to clean and maintain.

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Discolored Teeth
Dental veneers

Dental Veneers

IPS Empress eMax are porcelain veneers most commonly used in smile makeover to restore or beautiful a smile aesthetically with a natural look.

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Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening brightens your smile within 1 hour 1 visit. Teeth Whitening is non-invasive, quick and an effective method to renew dull color teeth shades.

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Airflow & Teeth Cleaning

Sometimes a simple professional teeth cleaning is all you need to polish and bring back the shine in your smile. Unlike conventional brushes, airflow teeth polishing uses high-power watersprays and powder without the vibration feel.

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Damaged Teeth
dental crown

Dental Crowns

A dental cap or dental crown acts as a new tooth surface. Dental crowns protect an existing tooth from breakage and restores a damaged tooth.

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root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic root canal treatment is done to clean and remove bacteria within tooth root that cases infection and toothaches. After root canal treatment is completed, a post, core buildup and crown is done.

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composite fillings

Dental Fillings

After decay is removed from teeth, dental fillings are used to fill in and restore teeth. Tooth-colored composite resin fillings is commonly now done to replace amgalam fillings for improved aesthetics and safety.

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Cosmetic Concerns
Dental veneers Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover – Veneers & Crowns

If your teeth are irregularly shaped, discolored or mildly misaligned, porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns may be used to beautify your smile quickly and aesthetically.

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Orthodontics braces

Orthodontic  Invisalign

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners used to straigten teeth comfortably and is almost non-visible.

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Clear Speed Braces

Orthodontic Clear & Speed Braces

Aligning and straightening can now be done more quickly and invisibly with various types of clear braces and self-ligating speed braces.

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All Dental Services

One-Stop Dental Hospital for Your Dental Needs

Dental Services

BIDH Dental Hospital offers full range of dental services with specialization centers on:

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry
  2. Dental Implants
  3. Orthodontic Braces & Invisalign
  4. Oral Surgery under Sedation Dentistry


Case Gallery

Smile Makeover Case 1 

Before Crowns

Smile Makeover Case 1 

After Crowns

Smile Makeover Case 2

Before Crowns & Bridges

Smile Makeover Case 2

After Crowns & Bridges

Smile Makeover Case 3

Before Crowns 

Smile Makeover Case 3

After Crowns 

Awards & Celebrities

Best Dental Clinic Asia

Best Aesthetic Dental Provider Asia Pacific

Bangkok International Dental Hospital receives the 2019 Best Aethetic Dental Provider of the year in Asia Pacific for its top team of aesthetic specialists and prosthodontists.

Cosmetic Dentistry
patient stories

Dental Reviews

See some of our before and after cases with reviews our real patients.

Case Gallery
Actor Mark Siwat

Patient Stories

Actor Mark Siwat, actress, international models and expatriates choose BIDH Dental Hospital due to its team of highly skilled dental specialists.

Patient Reviews

BIDH videos

Specialized Dental Hospital

BIDH Dental Hospital one of Thailand’s largest dental center located central in the heart of Bangkok city, easily accessible by expressway and skytrain.

Introductory videos
deep sedation
IV sedation
Mild sedation
Post anaesthesia care

Hospital based Sedation Dentistry 

For Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobic Patients

Various sedative services for pain-free dentistry is offered at our dental hospital. BIDH has licensed anaesthesiologists and full-time nurses on staff that follows American standards ASA protocols for safe sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry. Dental anxiety patients will have little or no re-collection of their surgica dental works.

Sedation Options Dental Anxiety Solutions

Digital Dentistry & Dental Technologies

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