Dental Hospital Sterilization

At our dental hospital, we use hospital sterilization standards following international standards and ANSI/AAMI guidelines. Infection control and sterilization at the top priority to provide a clean and safe environment for our patients. BIDH dental center uses a variety of the advance sterilization machines and equipments to upkeep, safeguard and maintain our hospital sterilization and infection control efforts:

  1. Pre-vaccummed Autoclave Unit
  2. Autosealing Machine and Sterile Storage
  3. Sterilization Indicators
  4. Handpiece Maintenance Unit
  5. Clinical handpiece with infection control system
  6. Scaling & Airflow handpiece with CombiTorque hygiene concept
  7. Suction Units within Dental Units

Powerful Autoclave System

dental autoclaves

Stainless stain chamber


Class B pre and post vaccuum

BIDH dental center uses Class B performance autoclaves that provides for a complete coverage on different stages of our dental hospital sterilization process that include:

  1. independent steam generators
  2. Bowie Dick, Leakage and Helix Test diagnostics checks
  3. fractioned pre and post vacuum phase of the sterilization cycle
  4. jacket warm-up function
  5. overheat and overpressure protection
  6. pressure auto door lock

Steam is ideal for destroying micro organisms such as bacteria and spores. Sterilization time automatically calculated based on optimum steam conditions. The pre- and post vacuum autoclaves uses high performance Class B cycles that meet the strictest EN 13060 European standards. Class B performance is achieved with a built-in vacuum pump used for fractionated pre vacuum air removal eliminating air pockets from all load types and maximizing efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load. After the sterilization stage the vacuum pump is used for post-vacuum drying. The autoclave has a stainless stain chamber. Cycle data statistics and information may be uploaded up to check on efficiency of unit.

Dental Technologies

At a Glance


5,933 sqm. space
7 storey building
33 Dental Treatment Rooms
2 VIP Treatment Rooms
1 Dental Emergency Room
1 Operating theater
2 Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
4 Inpatient Rooms
1 Consultation Room
4 Panoramic and CT Scan
2 Meeting Rooms
1 Conference Hall
Basement Parking
Handicapped Toilet

Safety Mechanisms

Central Supply Sterile Department (CSSD)
Fire Protection System
Smoke Compartment Door
CSSD Water Quality Control
Medical Devices Inspection & Packaging
Loading & Sterilization Process
Sterilization Process Monitoring
Sterilized Storage & Distribution

Autosealing Machine and Sterile Storage

Sterilization is effective only if the sterility of the instruments is preserved from the point of sterilization until they are used. Sealing instruments and equipment ensures that the items remain sealed after sterilization and maintain perfect sterility during their shelf-life. We use fast and reliable impulse sealers that complies with the quality and safety standards. Each viewpack is always dated with date, batch and expiry with additional chemical and indicators. Biological indicator tests are also done for critical items.

autopulse sealers
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Chemical and Biological Indicator checks

Chemical Indicator

The 3M™ Comply™ SteriGage™ steam chemical integrators is a strip test indicator designed to correlate with the performance of Class B steam autoclave. A complete dark line marks that the sterilized instruments has attained complete steam sterilization.

Biological Indicator

Having pressure-steam machines or autoclaves does not garanteed total sterilization, chemical indicators can test to a certain extent that high temperature autoclave has be achived. A biological sterilization indicator verification test is required to verify that all biological evidence that all micro-organisms are inactive.

BIDH dental center uses the 3M™ Attest™ biological indicator as a proven and reliable system biological test indicator to monitors EO cycles.

3M chemical indicators

3M SteriGage Chemical Indicator

hospital sterilization biological check

3M Attest Biological Indicator

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Handpiece Maintenance Unit

To ensure that our handpieces are always in a clean, sterilized working condition, BIDH dental center uses KaVo QUATTROcare maintenance system that is a specific maintenance unit for handpieces.

The handpiece maintenance performs automatic, metered dosing of care spray to the clinical handpiece to maintain precision and value. The unit is an outlet-specific handpiece detection system for internal cleaning or turbines, heads and air-motors.

Although not essential, the application care and clean spray remove proteins from within the handpiece, prior to lubrication. This allows a clean working conditions without any hands touching in a clean environment

Kavo maintenance units

Internal cleaning for handpieces

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Clinical handpiece maximum infection control

BIDH dental center has picked KaVo dental handpieces for its high reliability with high-quality materials and extremely high manufacturing tolerances. The internal turbines within the handpiece are made in Germany.

The handpiece design has over fifty years of applied research, calibrated to afford professionals extended periods of handling with dependable precision and maximum comfort result for balanced handling.

There are intelligent features in design for infection control and your comfort:

  1. Plasmatec surface : enables more grip and is easily cleaned thoroughly and fully sterilisable
  2. Optimal head design : that minimises suckback so debris cannot penetrate the interior of the handpiece to effectively minimises cross contamination
  3. Prevents back flow of aerosols or particles : to ensures safe hygiene and long-lasting value preservation
dental fillings technologies

Optimal head design prevents debris suckback

clinical handpiece

Plasmatec surface for sterilization and grip

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Airflow handpiece sterilized components

Airflow by EMS dental is swiss designed unit that uses watersprays and powder to cleans and polishes in one single procedure. The ergonomic design of airflow handpiece uses high-tech materials such as titanium and adopts the CombiTorque concept for optimum hygiene. This mean that the instrument can be disassembled for sterilization or autoclaving.

CombiTorque consists of a precise torque wrench for screwing the instrument on the handpiece. The handpeice has an instrument holder when placed in autoclave units. This also provide protection to the paitent patient before and after use of instrument.

airflow teeth cleaning

separate autoclavable components for sterilization

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Dental Units with Sterilization Concepts

Planmeca dental units used at BIDH dental center places clean water and infection control as an essential element within its design. Each dental unit has suction tube cleaning sytsem and waterline cleaning system. Powder-coated epoxy surfaces meant for daily use cleaning agents.

dental chairs

Patient Comfort

Award-winning design unit

dental units

Automated Cleaning

Sterilization & Infection Control System

Wellbeing dental unit

Wellbeing for Patients

Memory foam chairs

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