Digitalized X-rays Imaging Units

Having digitalized x-rays taken is one of the basic diagnostic tools used during your first visit by your dentist. At BIDH Sukhumvit dental clinic, we use Planmeca x-rays units because:

  • provides for ultra low dose x-rays for patients
  • composes of technologies for automatic patient movement correction. This reduces imaging errors and gives clearer images
  • has an extensive range of tools for diangoses and planning with its Planemeca’s comprehensive imaging software by Romexis®
  • the design of technology focuses on material and technical details for sterilization

Planmeca has been estalished for over 50 years with a strong commitment to Resarch and Development on patient safety within the dental imaging industry . The company in Helsinki, Finland has well-reputated and the first in the world to combine 2D and 3D imaging via their proprietary Ultra Low Dose™ and Romexis® software.

Digital X-rays systems from Planmeca include:

  1. Promax 2D Panoramic and Celphlometric Imaging
  2. ProX Intraoral Imaging

With digital dentistry concept at our Sukhumvit dental clinic, BIDH’s colloboration with Planemeca is a nautral step as a strategic partners in Thailand to implemented the latest innovative dental technologies within hospital operations.

Dental Technologies

At a Glance


5,933 sqm. space
7 storey building
33 Dental Treatment Rooms
2 VIP Treatment Rooms
1 Dental Emergency Room
1 Operating theater
2 Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
4 Inpatient Rooms
1 Consultation Room
4 Panoramic and CT Scan
2 Meeting Rooms
1 Conference Hall
Basement Parking
Handicapped Toilet

Safety Mechanisms

Central Supply Sterile Department (CSSD)
Fire Protection System
Smoke Compartment Door
CSSD Water Quality Control
Medical Devices Inspection & Packaging
Loading & Sterilization Process
Sterilization Process Monitoring
Sterilized Storage & Distribution

Promax Panoramic X-rays Features

Advanced Panoramic Technology

Planemeca has a patented SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) technology that enables anatomically accurate imaging geometry.

Image volume positioning and diameter adjustment are made reliably and consistently. The x-rays imaging units measure the patient’s radiation transparency and automatically adjust exposure values.

planmeca scara technology

Easy usability for Reduced Errors

With an easy-to-use graphical interface, the Planemeca x-ray unit make imaging workflow easy and smooth.

Dental assistance and clinicians are able to pick a full-view patient positioning with triple-laser positioning lights or side-entry of you for a more comfortable access.

planmeca x-rays

Automatic Adjusted Exposure for Low Dose™ imaging

One of the most important unique features BIDH has selected Planemeca imaging units is for its low dose imaging protocol that reduces radiation exposure and dose to patients. This improves patient safety and reduces risks.

The Dynamic Exposure Control (DEC) feature within the x-rays units automatically adjusts the exposure values for each individual patient based on their anatomic structure and bone density. DEC improves the quality of both panoramic and cephalometric images with more consistent brightness and contras.

The units also have a child mode that allows imaging at lower doses by reducing the imaging area and exposure values.

digitalized xrays

Extensive Imaging Programs by Romexis®

Planmeca ProMax offer a wide range of x-rays programs from panoramic, cephalometric for TMJ, sinus and tomographic imaging.

Its proprietary Planmeca Romexis® software provides a networked software platform, all images and treatment plans are available on different workstations immediately. This enables reudced wait time and faster visit  at BIDH Sukhumvit dental clinic.

Correct exposure formats can be selected and customized to minimise the effective dose for all types of patients and diagnostic purposes with its simple graphical interface.

planmeca xrays
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ProX Intra Oral X-rays Features

small x-ray machine

Adaptable intraoral imaging

The ProX has a steady x-ray imaging arm that gives accurate and drift-free positioning. So short-cone and long-cone imaging techniques can be made.


Quick Image Settings

There is pre-programmed settings for different exposure value within the intra-oral x-ray unit. Image parameters are automatically chosen based on selected exposure region and diagnostic requirement.

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Source of Scientific Study on Ultra Low Dose for Planemeca

Dosimetry of Orthodontic Diagnoses FOVs Using Low Dose CBCT protocol by JB Ludlowa and J Koivisto