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Acrylic Dentures

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Dentures come in different constructs and designs. The most common types of denture materials you can choose include:

  1. Acrylic denture : constructed from plastic resin 
  2. Valpast denture : made from thermoplastic nylon resin
  3. Metal frame denture : uses metal – cobalt chrome or titanium as a base framework with acyrlic or porcelain teeth 

Acyrlic denture are normally used as temporary dentures or an interim option to replace missing gaps immediately after teeth removal.  After the gum area has healed, acrylic dentures are normally replaced with a valplast dentures or metal frame denture as a longer lasting solution.

However, if you have no teeth, then an acyrlic overdentures is the general recommended denture material type. If you still have existing teeth, a metal frame denture has several advantages. 

At BIDH dental clinic, your dentures and prosthese is treated by a prosthodontist who specializes on teeth prostheses. A proshodontist dental specialist is trained to ensure that your bite occlusion is properly aligned, adjusted and fitted. 

Denture Teeth Process Steps and Procedure


Cosmetic Dental Specialization

Acrylic Denture Types

Partial Acyrlic Dentures

Partial Dentures

If there are several missing teeth, plastic resin dentures may be made with plastic or small metal clasp

complete dentures

Full Dentures – Acrylic Resin

For full jaw missing teeth, conventional full dentures are normally made of acrylics.

Benefit and Use of Acyrlic Dentures

Benefits of Acrylic Dentures

  1. Inexpensive – Acyrlic dentures cost is economical and is a basic treatment option for teethh replacement. 
  2. Good aesthetics – As there is on metal clasps or component parts, acrylic dentures looks great and can be made to a varying range of colour to match your gums.
  3. Faster – the treatment timing for acrylic dentures is shorter and faster to complete compared to metal frame dentures.

Use of Acyrlic Denture

You will need time for adapting if you are new to dentures as it is removable and not fixed in place. You may need to practice using, eating and talking with your  dentures during the first few weeks.

If you are using an acrylic full denture without any dental implant retention, dentures can move and slip whilst talking and chewing. Dental adhesive may be used and periodontic visit to your dentist for adjustments to your full dentures is normally required to adjust or reline your full dentures as bone/gums can shrink and change over time

Take care of your acyrlic dentures as they will need maintenance. A new set of acyrlic dentures may need to be changed if they are distorted, broken or uncomfortable.

There are other more comfortable and ideal fixed missing teeth replacement options:

Dental Bridges Dental Implants

FAQ on Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic resin is one of the most requested denture material types. Plastic dentures is inexpensive. It can be matched closely to your natural gums and provide good aesthetics on teeth color. Acyrlic is an easy material for your dentist to make adjustments for quick and effective visits. With new materials such as thermoplastic nylon resin or valpst, acyrlic dentures is now more comfortable.

Acyrlic protheses are normally used as a temporary denture or immediate dentures after teeth removal. It should last a minimum of three years to seven years varying with your use and care. Your dentures will need to be relined or rebased. If the dentures is loose, distored, a new set will be required.

Acyrlic dentures normally costs less than metal frame dentures. Metal frame dentures costs more due to higher cost of raw material (metal), added complexity and time required to make a metal base framework before false teth are placed over the detures framework.

In Thailand, the cost of acrylic dentures plate starts around THB5,000 (or estimated USD160). The total cost of the acrylic dentures is dependent on the total number of teeth added onto the denture plate. Full dentures ranges from aroun THB25,000 or estimated USD780). Enquiry and ask on dentures price at BIDH Dental hospital for your case.

The final denture type for you will be based on your individual factors:

  1. Number of missing teeth : partial dentures or full dentures
  2. Preferred material type: Acyrlic, valplast, metal frame dentures
  3. Positioning of missing gaps and expected final outcome: whether your denture may be secured with existing teeth or dental implant posts
  4. Aesthetics vs longer term use : acyrlic dentures provides lighter weight but metal frame dentures is likely to provide a longer term use
  5. Number of visits and time : metal frame dentures and full dentures normally take more visits and longer treatment timing due to having more steps and complexity of making the dentures
  6. Costs and your overall budget : acyrlic dentures is normally more economical than metal frame

If you are unsure, simply get a consult with our prosthodontist to determine what is best suited for you being honest about main your concerns and dentures price budget

Most acyrlic dentures will need to soaked in water or kept moist to retain their shape. Your dentist will provide instructions on how to care for your dentures. You can place your acyrlic dentures overnight i

  1. in water
  2. in mild denture-soaking solution

If your dentures dry out, this can cause it to become brittle. If completely dry, your denture may lose their shape and distort. This means may cause your plastic dentures to become ill-fitting or in extreme cases become unwearable with a need for a new set.

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