Children Dentist Near Me – 5 tips on Pediatric Dental Anxiety

children dentist near me

Looking for a chidlren dentist near me in Bangkok? Is this your child’s first dental visit and are they feelling anxious? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends to bringing your child go to the dentist when you babies first tooth erupts. This normally occurs at the age of 6 months to 1 year old.

Regular dental visits and early detection are key in avoiding costly and painful dental treatment for you and your child. Common pediatric dentistry dental treatments done at our pediatric dental clinic include:

BIDH Pediatric Dentists

At BIDH children dental center, our pediatric dentists specializes on the care of kids. Our well-experienced and certified children dentist undergo additional years of training for in-depth knowledge and skills on caring to your child’s oral health including subjects on pediatric sedation, children’s orthodontics, and even things like child psychology and development.
Do request for an advanced booking with our pediatric dentists to ensure a scheduled timeslot is allocated in caring for your child.
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Managing Dental Anxiety for Chidlren

What can I do as a parent do to help my child overcome anxiety of fear of a dental visit?

You child’s teeth will teeth grow and fall out. Taking your child to the visit the dentist is similar to taking them to visit visit your pediatrician for vaccination and medical checks. These visits are to keep their teeth healthy and promote good oral hygiene habits.

A trip to the children dentist can however be a scary to them in terms of having unfamiliar rooms, noises, objects, and even a stranger probing into their his mouth. At BIDH pediatric dental center, we have several tips and tools to help you and your child first visits to the dentist to make it a positive one.

5 Tips to Manage to Help Kids Overcome Fear or Anxiety of Dentists

Bring your child as early as possible for routine dental checkups. The earlier, the better at aged 6 months to 1 year. This famliarizes your child with your dentist and visiting your child’s dental center.

During your child’s first dental visit, keep any explanation simple. Too much information that may cause unnecessary anxiety. If you see that child requires a sense of predictability, inform them that their dentist can and will demonstrate the procedure so they can see what specifically will occur. This is known as the “tell-show-do” method. Encourage your child that they can always signal when they needs the dentist to stop the procedure.

Do not provide your child with false hope if you know they may require treatment. Avoid stating “everything will be fine. or “They’re not going to do anything”. Build trust with your child for both you and your child’s dentist.

Keep positive by using phrases like “clean, strong, healthy teeth”. You may like to inform them that their dentist is going to check their smile and count their teeth.

Do not relate any negative experiences of your own to your child. You as a parents may feel anxious without realizing it.

Avoid bribing your child with sweets and treats before their visit to the dentist or telling them to behave well at the dentist. This may like your child think twice “What is so bad about visiting dentist that I might want to cry?”

Instead, after their dental visit, praise your child for her good behavior and bravery or surprise them with a sticker or a small toy as an encouragement. Sometimes, their pediatric dentist may already do that at the end of treatment.

It is normal for young child to cry, whine, wiggle. Some may not want to be checked by a stranger. If you child is not co-operating, do stay calm.

Your child’s pediatric dentist is a trained professional. They are used to working with children and have seen managed many types of emotions. Follow the advise of your dental care professionals. They might ask you to stay be with them or stay a distance for specific reasons. They will always ask you for consent should restraints or more invasive management techniques be required.

As a role model, you should your teeth and teach your child that visiting the dentist is a necessity, not a choice. The dentist, like their pediatrician is there to take care of their teeth and keep cavities at bay. This give them strong teeth to eat and a beautiful smile for years to come.

BIDH Pediatric Dental Center

How to manage your child’s dental fear and anxiety?

  1. Kids-friendly treatment room and play corner. Cartoon videos are played on dental units for kids to watch, use of happy colors within our rooms.
  2. Our children dentist are specialists trained on pediatric dentistry. Our children dental specialists is well-experienced and sees large number of children. They have the skills to be friendly or firmer if necessary.
  3. Use of show-tell technique. Our dentist will demonstrate the procedure if it is the first time your child is having dental treatment or if they are anxious. Please do bring up any concerns as a parent to the pediatric dentist so he or she can address them and is aware.
  4. Praise and compliments is given. Stories or engage the child in conversation or body language with smile or frown to reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative behavior.
  5. Sedation may be opted in some cases. This help the child to be relax and be more comfortable. Your children dentist will provide more information if this is required. BIDH offers sedation dentistry for children using laughing gas or intravenously.
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