Restorative Dentistry Cases

Restorative dentistry looks at resolving chipped, mishapped, damaged or missing teeth. Treatments such as dental crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, dentures and dental implants and/or a combination of treatments may be done in restoring your smile.

Our prosthodontists, cosmetic dentists and restorative dental specialists co-oridinates within our cosmetic dental center colloborating together with our dedicated digital dental lab for aesthetic results to our patients. Every patient is provided with an individualized treatment plan based on specific needs.

Cases done by our dental experts include::

Crowns, Bridges and Dentures Cases

crown case

Case 1: After Crowns

Dentures Case

Case 2: After Dentures

Ceramic Crowns

Case 3 : After Crowns

If you have damaged teeth requiring tooth extraction, worn down damaged teeth or missing gaps. Dental crown, bridge, implants or dentures may be treatment options for you. Get a complimentary check with our dentist experts on treatment options for your case. 

Before and After Photos

Restorative Dentistry with Aesthetic Focus

When teeth are damaged or worn down, it can affect chewing and self confidence. Our team of prosthodontists has treated patients both within our local community and internationally who has travelled to Thailand in getting a full mouth rehabilitation to re-build their smile and chewing function. Why our patients seek restorative dentistry at BIDH dental center are:

  1. Our restorative dentists and prosthodontsits are dental specialists on bite occlusion and aesthetics. Our specialists undergo addiitonal years of accredited training at their univeristy to specializ in re-building your bite properly. Many of our prosthodontist are American board certified with more than 10 years of experience. Some are lecturers, professors and international speakers in their speciality area.
  2. BIDH dental center has an its own digitalized dental laboratory and team of highly skilled lab technician. This means that your new false teeth or prosthese are personalized with their artistry skills having more than 15 years of experience on aesthetic teethworks. As our dental lab is in our dental hospital, there is no wait-time for fabrication of your new teeth and your dentist is able to change and adjust the teeth color and shape with you instantly.    
  3. Our dentist team also focuses not just on restoration but on teeth aesthetics. This has earned BIDH dental center as one of Thailand’s award-winning top dental aesthetic provider. Whereby models and celebrities has chosen BIDH cosmetic dental center for their multitude of cosmetic including restorative dental treatments.
best cosmetic dental clinic

Iconic Aesthetic Dental Hospital

BIDH dental hospital leading team of cosmetic dentists uses Digital Smile Design (DSD) for crowns and veneers to not just restore teeth function but also providing a new natural-looking smile. Amongst other awards received by BIDH dental hospital is the GHT best dental provider in Asia Pacific.

Restorative Dentistry Reviews

BIDH dental center provides the full range of dental treatment services to restorative your smile. This includes sedation dentistry for indiviudals with dentophobia of having dental treatment done. Listen to some of our expatriate and international patients on the dentist review of BIDH dental center.

On Dental Sedation

“They have been absolutely amazing! They are much more thoughtful and takes the procedure very seriously.

I was recommended by my friend who had a great experience. And I had a really great experience. They’ve given options as well as costs options. They’ve looked after me with a step by step procedure knowing how scared I am. They’re always in contact.”

On Implant Dentures

“Having gone through the process in the states, and going through here in Thailand was interesting because the services I was receiving was very high quality I was very happy with the information I was getting.
My main positive experience to highlight here was the ability of the physician to look at my unique situation as a person that doesn’t live in Thailand. There was a timeline that I needed to meet and they made it happy.
I’m very happy with the end result. I couldn’t imagine receiving any better treatment. So now, I have full dentures and I can’t tell you how comfortable it feels. Its almost like I don’t have dentures!”

On Dental Crowns

“I came to get some dental crowns done. From start to finish the experience was incredible.

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Photos of expatrirates and international patients from various countries who have visit BIDH Dental Hospital with treatment ranging from teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants to orthodontic braces.

Patient Stories Testimonials

BIDH YouTube

View some patient videos from BIDH Dental Hospital on patients who have had sedation dentistry, dental implants. BIDH channel also showcases many education videos and news happenings at our dental training institute.

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