Dental Makeover cases

Our Suhumvit dental hospital thailand has a top tier team of cosmetic dental specialists, many of whom are American board certified dentists and international speakers within cosmetic dentistry in Thailand. Our dental hospital is one of the few cosmetic dental center with advance Digital Smile Design (DSD) master expert and dedicated dental lab that customises your aesthetic treatments based on your individual facial profile.

Common cosmetic dentistry treatments done at BIDH dental hospital Thailand include

Photos of dental makeover

Case 1 : After full porcelain veneers & crowns

Case 2 : After upper & lower dental crowns & veneers

Case 3 : After full jaw dental veneers & crowns

Case 4 : After lower and upperr full mouth crowns

Case 5 : After new fullt teeth with veneers

Case 6 : After full mouth veneer & dental crowns

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