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Our orthodontic dental center at BIDH dental hospital bangkok treats patients on removable invisalign, clear braces, self-ligating speed braces and conventional metal braces.

BIDH dental hospital bangkok’s team of orthodontists are all maxillofacial specialists majority graduated from overseas who are board certified. Our top team of braces experts provide professional orthodontic treatments. Our dental clinic network group is an invisalign diamond provider who are well-experienced on orthodontic treatment bases for children, teenagers and adults.

Photos of Invisalign Teeth

Case 1 : After invisalign

Case 2 : After clear aligners invisalign

Case 3 : After orthodontic invisalign

Please consult and ask our invisalign orthodontist for additional information on invisalign overbite, invisalign underbite and how invisalign may be used to resolve various orthodontic issues including space redistribution, rotation and crowding of teeth, proclined teeth, open bite and deep bite.

Invisalign Cases Reviews

Local celebrities, business executives has choice having their invisalign and braces treatments done at BIDH braces center. Unlike other dental clinics, BIDH braces center is a leader benchmark for teeth braces becuase aside from focusing on successful functional results, our dentists take the natural-look aesthetics into patient’s braces treatment plan. Other differientiation points for BIDH braces center include:

  1. All our teeth braces and invisalign case are treated by maxillofacial orthodontist specialists (not general dentists or invisalign trained). All our orthodontists are overseas graduated specialist from Australia, USA or UK. Our team of orthodontists at our dental group are invisalign diamond provider.
  2. We use invisalign, Damon and 3M braces and BIDH dental hospital is an authorized provider of these patented braces products. Technologies, such as digital oral scans, for teeth braces are genuine and patented. We do not advocate the use for 3rd party duplicates and supplement alternatives. Therefore, you are assured full warranty conditions and your braces treatment based on proper protocols.   
  3. BIDH braces dental center is one of the few in Thailand that offers jaw surgery or orthognatic surgery in conjunction with orthodontic braces treatment for jaw alignment. Our maxillofacial surgeons co-ordinate with orthodontists in resolving one jaw surgery under sleep dentistry.

Braces Cases Reviews

Amongst our dental patients who entrust themselves at BIDH braces dental clinics include CEO, top business executives, actors, actress, models and celebrities. Many of whom have their cosmetic dental braces done with our top braces dentists in Thailand.

น้ำฝน พัชรินทร์ ศรีวสุภิรมย์

Ms Patcharin Judrabounpol (Actress)

“The hospital is clean. The staff is very nice with an affective good system. I was very impressed with many things and was very well taken care of. The doctor is very kind. I am satisfied with the (braces) treatments results that I did at BIDH.”


กันต์ กันตถาวร

Mrs Iyada Seemoontree and Mr Kan Kantathavorn (Actress and Actor)

“Its a hospital that has everything well-supported including an anesthesiologist doctor. Its location is in the city of Sukhumvit and is easy to access. I’ve most impressed of BIDH as the first specialized and comprehensive dental hospital in Thailand.”


เจส เจิสสิก้า Miss Grand Bangkok 2019

Ms Jessica Sompong Espiner (Model and Actress)

“Regardless of your role, having a smile is important. I received good dental care with talented and specialized doctors. It gave me more confident in smiling as an actress and a smile brings happiness to everyone.


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BIDH dental hospital as dedicated websites on having braces treatments in Bangkok

Specialization Dental Clinics 

View some of our other case gallery of dental cases by our dental team used together with orthodontic treatments to provide overall aesthetically natural smiles done. Our orthodontic dentists work alongside with our core cosmetic dental center:

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