Digital Smile Design

BIDH dental clinic offers Digital Smile Design (DSD) for smile makeover dental treatments using digital dentistry.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a cosmetic dentistry treatment concept that uses digital tools such as computer aided software, photos and videos to plan and construct your veneers or smile. Your DSD experts are trained to plan to yourr specific facial profile and emotional needs. Aesthetic veneers and crowns are then digitally customized and made to your pre-determined expected post-treatment results as simulated by DSD.

The Digital Smile Design Difference

  • DSD uses full digital imaging and advanced software solution for treatment planning to diagnose issues with the structural components within the mouth and jaw that includes intraoral and extraoral evaluation to assess the aesthetics of the mouth
  • provides better outcome predictability and accuracy
  • able to view post treatment results with clarity from materials and visual representations
  • allows for improved communication with photos and videos to track your progress
  • catered to unique dental needs of patients based on emotional needs

Any individual is suited for DSD concept. The treatment concepts provides for added analyses and use of digital technologies to aid your smile makeover actively involving you within the planning of your smile.

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Digital Smile Design (DSD) Studio

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

At our DSD studio at BIDH cosmetic dentistry center, your DSD expert analyses your dental and facial proportions. High-quality digital videos, photographs are taken to examine the relationship between your lips, gums, and teeth. Your dentist design your smile with you at every phase.

BIDH cosmetic dentistry clinic uses digital dentistry for its cosmetic dental works including for porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns and invisalign orthodontic treatments. Our dental center has an digital dental laborotory within its building for porcelain and ceramic teethworks:

Digital Dentistry Digital Lab

Technologies of Digital Smile Design

ใส่เครื่องมือจัดฟัน invisalign และมาเช็คทุกเดือน
Plan digital smile design

Technologies are used within Digital Smile Design concepts and digital dentistry include at BIDH Cosmetic Dentistry Center include:

  1. Digital Smile Studio : for high quality photos and videos
  2. Digitalized Models : either an impression is taken to build a study model and digitally scanned or directly scanned with intraoral scanner. This gives your DSD expert a 3D environment to work with
  3. CBCT Scan : For dental implants or specific orthodontic cases, an open mouth CBCT Scan may be taken

With the above given technologies, your DSD experts uses the online DSD planning tool:

  1. DSD Motivational Mockup
  2. Planned Guided Surgery

Combining with photo, video protocols and/or guided surgery protocols for full arch surgery, your smile is planned, designed and digitally formed with you. Successful results involves high technological and technical skills by your DSD expert, dental lab techician, material specifications and your input.

Intraoral Scanners CBCT Scans CAD/CAM Digital Lab
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