Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the process of bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. The procedure lightens your existing teeth by several shades.

You are able to opt for two types of teeth whitening treatments:

  1. In-office teeth whitening : checked and done by a dental professional at the dental clinic
  2. home bleaching : purchased at the dental clinic with individual customized bleaching tray and approved whitening agent
Teeth Whitening Treatment
In-office Whitening Procedure
take home bleaching gel
Home Bleaching Procedure

Tooth whitening treatment should be carried out only by a dentist or by a regulated dental professional prescribed by a dentist.

At BIDH’s cosmetic dentistry center, the systems selected as been chosen based on:

  • historical case success
  • is an approved and registered product
  • verified from source on supply chain as a safe and quality-based product

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Specialization

BIDH Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic

At our cosmetic dental center, our tooth whitening dental clinic offers 1 visit in-offiice whitening and personalized take-home bleaching kits.

Types of Teeth Whitening

1. In-office tooth whitening

In-office whitening is a safe, fast and non-invasive dental treatment completed within one visit with your dentist in just over an hour.

The benefits of in-office whitening treatment done by a professional dentist at the dental clinic :

    • your teeth are checked to ensure you are suited for teeth whitening without contra-indications by dental professional
    • fast and instant results after treatment
    • little or no discomfort as treatment is completed in one visit at the dental clinic

Popular teeth whitening treatments and systems done at dental clinics include:

    1. Zoom WhiteSpeed by Philips (USA)
    2. Pola by SDI (Australia)
    3. Laser Teeth Whitening 
    4. Internal Bleaching Tooth
Tooth Whitening
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2. Take home Bleaching

An alternative to in-office teeth whitening is home bleaching kit.

Benefits of home bleaching kit:

    • done at the privacy of your home
    • able to touch up and use kit at anytime to your convenience

Our dental clinics offer customzied whitening trays along with your take home bleaching kit. Take home whitening brands selected at our dental clinics are checked on licensing on safety for use and sale as well as for genuineness.

home-bleaching teeth whitening
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In-office Teeth Whitening Procedure

teeth whitening step 1

Pre-shade Teeth Compare

isolate gumline teeth whitening

Isolate and dam gums

Teeth whitening gel

Apply Whitening Gel

Teeth Whitening Step 4

Active Gel with Light Source

1. Treatment Plan & Diagnoses

Diagnose of whether whitening is suited for you may be based on dental history, oral health and sensitivity issues. If you have a tendency for sensitive teeth, please do kindly highlight this to your dentist who may perform additional sensitivity precautions or advise you on alternative whitening options such as a take-home bleaching kit.

2. Take Pre-Treatment Teeth Shades

The shades of your natural existing teeth is taken. Your dentist cleans your teeth and places on a cheek retractor. Protective eyewear and face bib is provided to you during treatment.

3. Isolate and dam gumlines

Your dentist uses gauze, cotton rolls and a liquid dam or barrier material to block off soft tissue to prevent concentrated whitening gel from irritating your gums.

4. Apply whitening gel

The whitening gel in a syringe is applied to the front surface of teeth. The gel is the active ingredient that lightens existing teeth shades.

5. Activate gel with light source

A whitening lamp is used to activate the gel. During the session, you may hear beeping countdown with each cycle. You are monitored at all times during treatment.

6. Remove whitening gel

After the last cycle of session is complete, your dentist removes the gel with a suction tip and cleans teeth surface with damp gauze.

7. Take Post-Treatment Teeth Shades

Your dentist takes your post treatment shade to compare results before and after your in-office whitening treatment. If you experience sensitivity, do bring this up to your dentist who can prescribe sensitivity relief gel or medication. Your dentist will provide instructions on how to maintain and care for your whitened teeth.

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Home Bleaching Procedure

consultation cosmetic dentistry

Consult & Diagnoses

Take home Bleaching Tray

Impression Take for Trays

take home bleaching gel

Use take-home bleaching kit

1. Treatment Plan & Diagnoses

A take-home bleaching kit may be your choice of teeth whitening procedure due to better suitability to in-office whitening or for your convenience. Home bleaching kits may be used after in-office treatments to maintain or to further enhance the chairside results.

Based on dental history, different concentration of home bleaching gel may be prescribed for your case.

2. Impression Taking for Trays

Your dentist take an impression of your teeth to make a clear customized tray. Unlike over-the-shelf home bleaching kit with one size trays, the individualized tray from our dental clinic is specially meant for you for added safety. The tray may be collected 2 hours later or the next day from your visit.

3. Use of home bleaching kit

Your dentist provides you with instructions on how to use your take-home bleaching gel and trays. Use your mouthguard at home and regularly apply the gel for a specified period of time over 1 to 4 weeks or until there is no further visible increase in teeth color shades depending on concentration of whitening tel and brand of gel.

Home bleaching gel are typically stored at 2°C – 10°C (36°F and 50°F). Storage temperature above 10°C (50°F) will result in reduced shelf life. Please follow the instruction given by your dental clinic or on the box of your home bleaching kit.

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Post Care Instuctions for Teeth Whitening

To maximise results and maintain a whitened teeth, post care instructions for teeth whitening include:

  • avoid consuming coffee, tea, red wine
  • avoid smoking and tobacco for at lesat 2 hours or more after treatment until pellicle reforms
  • clean and brush teeth as per normal maintain good oral hygiene
  • maintain results with home bleaching kit (if opted)
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