Home Bleaching and Take-home Teeth Whitening

Home Bleaching kits at our dental clinic comes with your customized tray and approved whitening gel. Take home tooth whitening may be done at your convenience in the comfort and privacy of your home.

At BIDH tooth whitening dental clinic, the take-home whitening system selected is dispensed only by a licensed dental professional. Our chosen take home whitening kit includes:

  • contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride)
  • the whitening gel is formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse
  • there are various concentrations for treatment flexibility; your dentist will prescribed the recommended concentrations to you
  • the customized trays and whitening gel may be worn as little as 15 minutes per day or overnight

Aside from take-home whitening, other teeth whitening options available include:

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Take Home Teeth Whitening Instructions

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Place on Whitening Gel

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Wear Tray

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Clean Tray

Step 1 : Place whitening gel into tray

Express one continuous bead of gel approximately halfway up the facial side or front side of your customzied tray from molar to molar. The amount is about 1/2 to 1/3 of a syringe per tray.

Step 2 : Insert tray for wear

Insert the tray in your mouth and lightly tap to ensure that the tray fits snugly to the sides to your teeth. Wear the tray with the whitening gel based on instructions given by your dentist that will vary with the concentration prescribed. In general, the lower the concentration of the gel the longer the wear time. Concentration of gels range between 10% to 35%. Below is a general guideline for the home bleaching kit selected at our dental clinic, please follow your dentist recommended period of wear as instructed:

  • 10%: 8–10 hours or overnight
  • 15%: 4–6 hours
  • 20%: 2–4 hours
  • 35%: 30 minutes

If you are using other systems not purchased at our dental clinic. Please note that the above time of wear will not apply to you and you should always consult with your dentist of safe wear based on your home bleaching system. Store any remaining whitening gel in a cool place for next use.

Step 3 : Remove tray and brush teeth

Remove your tray and use a soft toothbrush to clean any excess gel off your teeth. Rinse your mouth twice and becareufl not to swallow any rinsed gel.

Step 4 : Clean tray

Clean your tray with a your toothbrush and cool tap water. Your can then store your tray and repeat your whitening sessions the next day until there is no further visible color shades improvements. If you experience any significant sensitivity at anytime, stop the home bleaching treatment and contact our dental clinic.

Home Bleaching Post Care Instuctions

Post care instructions during and after home bleaching include:

  • avoid color-staining drinks and foods such as coffee, tea, red wine
  • avoid smoking and tobacco during the duration when using home bleaching kit
  • clean and brush teeth as as normal daily and after each whitening session
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