Dental Implants

When teeth are lost from teeth extraction, breakage or accidents, it affects daily life including chewing of food and a lack of confidence when smiling and meeting people. Teeth may be replaced with various types of prostheses. Dental implants is one of the most effective and long term treatment solution to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are normally made of titanium that is compatible to the biology of our body. It is strong, safe, long-lasting. Our dental implant center at thailand dental clinic is the first of its kind with a fully digital dental implant prosthese laboratory that was able to fabricate custom abutment for implant. A digital flow and computerized systems are used to build all zirconia crowns over implants providing metal-free and natural-looking aesthetics. Shades of ceramics may be chosen to closely match surrounding teeth.

Types of Missing Teeth Replacements

Single Missing Tooth

Implant Crown

Single missing tooth replacement

  1. dental implant crown

Multiple Missing Teeth

Implant Bridge

Several missing teeth replacement

  1. Dental implant bridge
  2. Combination of dental implant bridges and single implant crowns

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Specialization

What is a Dental Implant

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is in general composed of 3 component parts


implant body

Dental implant post that is embedded into the jaw bone


implant abutment

Abutment that is screwed to the dental implant post and holds the crown


Tooth Implant Crown

Crown that is the artificial tooth over the implant

Tooth Implant

Dental Implant Stages

The dental implant process is done in 2 stages:

  1. First Stage – Dental Implant Surgery : surgical placement of implant post
  2. Second Stage – Dental Prosthese : build prostheses over dental implant post

There is conventionally a healing period of approximately 2 to 6 months or more between the first and second stage of the dental implant treatment process. The osseointegration healing period is dependent on your condition of jawbone and type of implant used.

If there is insufficient bone, bone grafts for dental implant may be recommended:

  1. major block bonegraft may be done before the 1st stage dental implant post is started
  2. minor bone grafts for dental implants may be done at either the 1st stage or second stage
Immediate dental implant

1st stage : Implant Post

Immediate load dental implant

2nd stage : Prostheses

Implant Brand Systems

There are many dental implants brands systems on the market with significant cost difference between implant brands. The final implant system chosen will based on several factors that include:

  • your requirements
  • your dentist recommendation based on your bone condition, final implant procedure type, dentist experience

At BIDH dental implant clinic, our decision-making principles used to select implant systems brands are considered based on:

  • scientific evidence-based past and present success rates and historical case studies
  • research development and advancement of system
  • the implant system production facilities and company locations on product quality control for safety
  • Patents, proper licensing and standards of implants
  • prescence and reputation for post care support and warranty

For the high safety of our patients and to provide high success rates, our team of dentist uses implants from Switzerland, Sweden or USA.

dental implants system
tooth implant care

Types of Dental Implant Procedures

There are 3 types of basic types of dental implant procedures varying with total treatment timings

conventional dental implant
Conventional Procedure

Waiting time required after teeth removal + 1st implant post + 2nd stage prostheses

Immediate dental implant
Immediate Procedure

No waiting time with immediate teeth removal + 1st implant post placement

Immediate load dental implant
Immediate Load Procedure

Reduce waiting time between 1st implant post + 2nd stage prostheses

Dental Implant Treatment Process

Step-by-step guide on how dental implants are done. Dental implants are done in 2 stages with advance digital technologies. There are only a few locations in Thailand that offers customization of teeth over implants.

Sedation for Dental Implants

Dental implants treatment at BIDH dental hospital may be done under mild sedation, IV sedation or general anesthesia (GA) for no pain treatment. Having dental implants at BIDH is safe, pain-free by well-experienced implant dental specialists.

Dental Implant FAQs

Most conventional dental implant treatment takes around 2 to 6 months for completion. Dental implants are typically done in 2 separate stages.During the first stage, the implant post is inserted and left to heal in jaw bone. After the implant post is securely embedded in the jaw bone, the prosthese or false teeth is constructed and fitted over the implant posts.

During stage one on implant post surgery, normally only 2 to 3 visits are made across 5 to 7 days :

  1. First visit – 1 hour : x-ray,consultation and treatment planning
  2. Second visit – varying 1 to 3 hours on number of implants done: implant post placement
  3. Third visit – 30 mintues : re-check and stitch off

At stage two for prosthese, the number of visits varies with the complexity of the prosthese – single crown, bridge implants or full dentures, full bridge, hybrid all-on-4 dentures.

The term one day implants or same day implants is commonly mistaken that your dental implant treatment may be completed in one day. One day implants commonly refers the concept whereby an existing tooth may be removed and the dental implant post inserted during the same surgical visit. It does not mean that the whole implant procedure is completed in one visit as additional visits will be required to make the false teeth over implant that require labwork and time.

Even if tooth impression is taken prior or immediate after implant post placement without queue waiting time for dental labs, the prostheses (false tooth to be palced over implant post) will still need at least 1 to 2 working days for a strong and good quality prosthese to be baked, cooled down and layered asethetically for you.

BIDH dental clinics provide customized abutments and all ceramic zirconia crowns for Straumann implants that may be done digitally. Immediate implants and immediate load crowns are done only for selective cases and you should always check that your implantologist is well-trained and well-experienced. Any dentist in Thailand is licensed and can always claim to perform same day implants, but at this may be at your expense on taking the risk of implant success or failure.

With advances in techniques and technologies, having dental implant today is quick and less invasive then before. The majority of our patients at our thailand dental clinic report very little discomfort and is less painful than having a tooth removal done. Local anesthesia is normally used during the implant surgery procedure. For anxious patients, our dental center provides for sedative dentistry.

After your dental implant surgery, you may experience some soreness during the first few days, your dentist will provide post care instructions and pain relieve medications may be taken as administered or advised by your dentist.

Teeth transplant refers to the surgical movement of a tooth from one location in the mouth to another placement. At this point, our thailand dental clinics do not do teeth transplants due to various limitation on techniques. Dental implant, whereby a titanium or roxolid implant post is placed into jaw and a false tooth crown over the post is still the preferred and recommended method. Havingt dental implant has the advantage that there will be no further tooth decay that transplated or natural teeth potentially faces.

A tooth implant price varies with the implant brand as well as the implant range within each implant brand. BIDH implant dental clinic uses only top global implant brands for our implant cases. This ensures patients who are located internationally will have access to component parts and their local dentist will be familar with the implant brands should any post care or issues occur. 

The top 3  implant brands used at our thailand dental clinic include :

    1. Nobel Biocare 
    2. Straumann 
    3. SIC Swiss

Within the above implant brands, there are various implant ranges. The implant range is made with varying surface properties and materials. You normally pay a higher price for active surface implants that has added coating for better osseointegration commonly recommended for one day implants. Roxolid implant post from Straumann (made of ceramic and titnanium) tends to be more costly than the standard titanium implant post.  

Tooth implant price and payment are typically divided into 2 installment stages:

    • First stage implant post surgery : paying for the implant post 
    • Second stage prosthese : paying for the false teeth or prosthese that is retended and placed over the implant posts

Consult with our prosthodontist when deciding on which implant brand and range is best suited for you.


At BIDH dental hospital, our thailand dental implant center replaces single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth and full arch missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants are normally done in 2 stage – first stage implant post placement and second stage prostheses over implant posts. Dental implants may be done conventionally with healing osseointegration period or using immediate load protocols. The implant treatment technique will depend on your bone condition or if you require bonegrafts, the number of mising teeth, time, budget and expected final prosthetic outcome.
There are several dental implant systems on the market, our dental implant clinic uses established implants from Switzerland or USA in assuring patients on it quality certifications and clinical success rates. Having dental implant can be pain-free and is much more affordable than before. Choosing a qualified implantologists and a reliable dental provider with certified sterilization standards is important on the success on our dental implant treatment outcome. Get a complimentary consult at our thailand dental hospital.
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