All-on-4 Dental Implants

If you have edentulous jaw or have current full dentures with resorption at posterior area, an minimally invasive solution for fixed full-arch restoration is the All-on-4  or Pro Arch treatment concept.

With All-on-4 or Pro Arch, you have a provisional fixed full-arch prosthesis during the same period of surgery. The concept uses places two anterior implants and titles two implants at the posterior area maximising the use of front anterior bone. This is followed by implant-retained hybrid denture attached to the implant posts.

all-on-4 implants

Lower Jaw

all-on-4 dental implants

Upper Jaw

The All-on-4 / ProArch treatment concept can be done for both the upper and lower jaw. Your implantologist may recommend more than four implants based on bone and oral conditions.

Why BIDC Dental Implant Center? See Full Jaw Implant Cases. 

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Specialization

all-on-4 Dental Implants Procedure

Step 1 : Diagnosis and treatment planning

During your first visit, your dental specialist will evaluate your oral condition to determine if you are a suitable for immediate function full arch dental implant treatment. Considerations include any infection in gums and jaw bone and your bone condition. If there is infection, this will first need to be treated. And if bone loss is signficant, alternative options such as bonegraft may be recommended.

Panoramic x-rays and a 3D CT scan is taken. Image helps your oral surgeon pre-plan the best angle and depth to place your implant posts. Digital surgical template guides may also be taken at this stage on request.

Dental Technology
Digital Implant Dentisry
health check up

Step 2 : Preliminary Checks & Treatments

Any preliminary dental treatments (if any) is first cleared prior to the start of the All-on-4 surgery.

The actual dental mplant post surgery can be done under local anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure in our day clinic or as under moderate sedation and general anaesthesia as an in-patient procedure. Please consult with your implant oral surgeon on selected choices. If the implant post surgery is done under sedation, additional health checks and pre-preparation timings will be required.

Sedation Options

Step 3 : Dental Implant Surgery

During the day of dental implant surgery, your implant oral surgeon may provide additional instructions before arriving for your actual surgical appointment based on sedation option chosen. If you are undergoing any sedative options on as an outpatient returning home on the same day of surgery, we recommend having someone accompany with you after your visit.

Dental implant post placement is a typically completed within 1 to 3 hours by your implant oral surgeon. BIDH’s team of implantologists are top tier specialists, each well experienced and qualified, many of whom are American board certified.

Jaw surgery operation
Implant Specialists
All-on-4 implants

Step 4 : Fit Fixed Hybrid Dentures

After surgery on the same or next day, your prosthodontist arranges to take an impression of implant in building your provisional fixed hybrid dentures.

The All-on-4 / ProArch treatment concept is designed to maximize the opportunity for immediate function. Your dentist will often be able to place a temporary restoration on or very shortly after the day of surgery.

Based upon surgical placement visit and actual bone condition, your implant dentist will inform and make recommendations corresponding if the prostheses is ready for immediate or delayed loading.

At BIDH dental implant hospital, fees and costs of immediate function All-on-4 and ProArch implants are transparent and standardized.

Benefits of All-on-4 implants

Benefits of All-on-4 / ProArch vs other full jaw implant options :
  1. Immediate teeth : During the same one trip stage, new teeth are fitted almost immediately after dental implant post surgery. This allows for smoother transition especially for individuals that had existing teeth.  
  2. Shortened treatment duration 
  3. Avoids bonegrafts : Posterior implants for All-on-4 is tilted to maximum the use of front jaw bone anchorage. For selected cases, this means there is no need for bonegrafts on the posterior areas.

All-on-4 Dental Implant Hospital

BIDH Dental Hospital differentiates itself from other dental clinics :

  1. For All-on-4 / ProArch implants, BIDH offer pain pain-free sedation services including general anaesthesia and IV sedation so you have no re-collection of treatment, no pain and increased comfort during implant surgery.
  2. Our full mouth implant cases are treated and lead by pioneer team of dental implant specialists and prosthodontists. Many of whom are professors and lecturers for full jaw implants technique teachiing other implantologists dentists within Thailand.
  3. As a hospital, BIDH uses hospital-based patient safety standards for established success rates and safety.
dental implant

Explore Full Dental Implant Treatment Options

Full mouth dental implants options

all-on-4 dental implants

2 implants + 2 titled posterior implants + fixed hybrid dentures

full bridge dental implants
Full Bridges

6 to 10 implants + individual fixed bridges over implants posts

implant dentures
Implant Dentures

2 to 4 implants + bar/ bar/ locator + snapped on to full dentures


All-on-4 / ProArch dental implants is an advance technique that provides immediate function benefits compared to other full jaw implant options. Patients are fitted with fixed teeth during the same stage when implant posts surgery is done.

Full jaw implants opted at a specialized dental hospital assures you higher success rates and reduced risks relating to treatment over the long-run. Your treatment is done by high-qualified and experienced dentists many who are pioneer dentists who brought in implantology treatments in Thailand. Chosen implant systems at BIDH dental hospital are verified for its genuinity. Read more on specialized dental implant treatment in Thailand.


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