Full Mouth Dental Implant Bridges

Full mouth dental implant bridges is treatment procedure where dental implant posts are placed at the exact and precise position with which your prosthodontist will re-build a full set of bridges locking over each specific implant posts.

Unlike All-on-4 /ProArch hybrid bridges that uses a one piece overdenture that is screwed into the implant posts and hidden positions, full arch dental implant bridges needs additional planning and co-ordination between your implant oral surgeon and implant prosthodontist becuase the full bridges need to match exactly at the correct location to achieve a symmetrical bite and aesthetic end results.

Having full mouth implant bridge is similiar to replacing existing teeth with new implant tooth roots. Bridges and crowns are then built over the implant post. With this implant treatment concept, you have a new set of teeth that is long-lasting, functional and is maintained like normal natural teeth that will not decay. Full mouth implant bridges are ideal teeth replacement solutions.

Considerations to implant supported full bridges is sufficient bone will be required to allow the dental implant posts to be placed in the anterior and posterior bone.

Benefits of Full Arch Fixed Bridge

In comparison with other full mouth implant options, full arch implant bridges has its advantages:

  • Able to attain same chewing function and bite load as having natural teeth
  • Easy to maintain and clean. All-on-4 and implant dentures will need regular and daily maintenance
  • Natural-looking aesthetics relative to a one piece overdentures in All-on-4 and implant dentures

BIDH thailand dental implant center composes of a top team of implantologists. Many of whom are overseas board certified from USA, Germany and United Kindgom. 

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Procedure for Full Jaw Implant Bridges

Step 1 : Diagnoses and Treatment Plan

During diangoses and treatment planning, your dentist discuss with you on your implant options after dianoses with a panoramic x-ray and a 3D CT scan.

Your implant dentist checks your bone condition and bone density to determine if full arch dental implant bridges is suited for your case. If there is insufficient bone in the posterior areas, bone grafts before or during the 1st stage implant placement may be recommeded.

This full implant option require precise marked locations to build the end full bridge prostheses, the dental implant placement planning and positioning is important. Your implant prosthodontist may use digital computer guided software to plan on implant positions and have a implant surgical template done.

Digital Implant Dentisry
dental implant surgical guide
Sedation Options

Step 2 : Preliminary Checks & Treatments

Full mouth dental implant bridges require precise marked locations to build the end prostheses on a full dental bridge, the dental implant placement planning and positioning is important. Your implant prosthodontist may use digital computer guided software to plan on implant positions and have a implant surgical template done. Preliminary works such as a provisional full dentures during osseointegration period is discussed and started.

Dental implant surgery may be done as an out patient procedure under local anaesthesia or in-patient sedation procedure. You are able to discss with your implant dentist on available sedation options.

Step 3 : Dental Implant Post Surgical Visit

On the day of implant surgery, your implant oral surgeon may provide you advance preparatory instructions based on opted sedation options. A typical implant post surgical visit takes about 1 to 3 hours vayring with selected number of implants opted, location positioning and implant system.

A large majority of our team of implant dentists are American board certified  prosthodontist, each well-experiened with over 10 years of experience in their field of expertise.

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Step 4 : Fixed Bridges Prosthetics Visits

After the osseointegration period of around 3 to 6 months or more, your implant prosthodontist takes a panormaic x-ray to ensure that jaw bone as properly healed and integrated with the dental implant posts.

The dental bridges are then individually set and made in the dental laboratory to fit precisely over your implant posts. BIDH has an on-site all ceramic zirconia digital dental lab able customized implant abutments and control the specific color shades of your teethworks.

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Explore Full Jaw Dental Implant Treatment Options

Full Jaw dental implants options

all-on-4 dental implants

2 implants + 2 titled posterior implants + fixed hybrid dentures

full bridge dental implants
Full Bridges

6 to 10 implants + individual fixed bridges over implants posts

implant dentures
Implant Dentures

2 to 4 implants + bar/ bar/ locator + snapped on to full dentures

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