Tooth Extraction and Surgical Tooth Extraction

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

Around the ages of 17 and 21, most people have their third molars erupting. These molar teeth are commonly known as wisdom teeth. If they grow through correctly, healthy wisdom teeth are normal function molar teeth that helps you chew and bite.

When do I remove a wisdom tooth?

If there is sufficient space, your wisdom teeth erupts out and does not cause any issues, they are left as any normal functioning teeth. However, if they do not surface through or grow in the wrong position whereby your wisdom teeth are impacted or trapped under your gums, this may cause discomfort to you and your dentist may then recommend you for wisdom tooth extraction.

A wisdom tooth extraction may be a normal teeth removal or surgical teeth extraction. Normal teeth extraction is simple and quickly done within one visit. Whist surgical teeth removal is normally more complex. Your oral surgeon will need to go make incisions to remove the tooth under gums or trapped in your jaw bone. 

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Common Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extraction is done when there is evidence such as:

  • Pain or infection
  • Cysts or tumors
  • Damage to neighboring teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay on your wisdom tooth or to adjacent 2nd molar tooth 
  • removal of wisdom teeth may also be done as part of braces treatment

If wisdom teeth that not in correct position, food can be trapped causing cavities. If partially erupted, bacteria may enter the gums with potential for infection. Or if wisdom teeth do not have space to grow out, it may crowd or damage neighboring teeth. A wisdom tooth that is impacted can form a cyst on or near the impacted tooth. This can possibly damage the roots of nearby teeth or cuase bone support issues.

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Your oral surgeon will normally take an x-ray in checking the growth and positioning of your molar tooth.

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Wisdom Teeth FAQs

If you wisdom teeth erupts and grows through properly with sufficient space, it functions are a normal tooth. If however your wisdom teeth is not grown in proper position, partially erupted or hidden under gums, these should be monitored to ensure they does not cause potential issues.

Have an x-ray taken to check your wisdom teeth and oral health annually if you are unsure what to do.

Tooth pain from wisdom teeth can occur due to growing in crookedly or improperly or possible infection around teeth area. Wisdom teeth pain can be constant for some people, whilst others feel pain and discomfort only when chewing or touching the area.

If you do experience any tooth pain, you may like to make an appointment with your dentist to have an x-ray taken in checking your wisdom tooth growth. If you have a fear of pain or dental fear, BIDH oral surgery clinic has sedation options and a highly experienced team of oral surgeon able to care for you.

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