Gums Treatment and Periodontics

Periodontic dentistry treats gum problems or periodontal diseases. If periodontal disease such as gingivitis is left untreated, this can lead to periodontitis that can cause tooth loss, gum recession and mouth odor.

Gum Treatments Types

gums cleaning

1. Deep Gum Cleaning and Scaling Root Planing

Gum cleaning to prevent and treat gum inflammation. Unlike a regular clean,  your gum specialist cleans between the gums and teeth down to the roots. 


Gum Surgery Gingivectomy

Gingivectomy is a gum surgery procedure done to removal of gum tissue, or gingiva.It may be used to treat gingivitis or done for as dental aesthetic treattment to excessive gums for a better smile.

crown lengthening

Crown Lengthening

Shaping of gums to achieve consist crown height

gum grafts

Gingival Grafts

Adding gums to cover thin gums as a soft tissue gum to rebuild gums in area and prevent further gum recession.

bone grafting

Bone Grafts

Adding of bone to cover deep pockets or prior to implant placement

Leading Gum Specialists in Thailand

Our gum deep cleaning, scaling root planing and gum surgery are done by certified and qualified gum specialist

Deep Cleaning and Root Planing

Gum cleaning treatment is commonly use to treat gingivitis and periodontitis. The gum procedure to clean gums are :

  1. Deep clean : whereby gums are cleaned in quadrants
  2. Root plan : whereby only gum around one tooth area is cleaed

Deep gum cleaning  and scaling root planing helps rid of inflammation of gum and supporting structures of the teeth. Periodontal bacteria are naturally present in the mouth. However if bacteria in gums thrive and multiply in large numbers, they produce harmful by-products. This stimulate your body’s defensive inflammatory response in the gums. Chronic inflammation causes bone loss and gum recession.

If you have prior periodontal disease or have a higher tendency of developing gingivitis, visit your periondontist at least every 6 months to consistently check that your gums are kept healthy.

dental treatment

Gums Treatments

Under Sedation for Dental Anxiety Patients

Sedation Options


Gingivectomy may be done in order to heal help reverse periodontal disease or to correct a gum condition involving the structures around the teeth for improved aesthetics. The procedure removes a portion of gingiva (gum) from in and around a tooth contours the gumline to obtain a more symmetrical overall appearance.

“Gummy smile” whereby some people have a lot of gum tissue around their upper teeth may be treated using gingivectomy.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is usually performed to change the length or dimension of front teeth in optimizing the esthetic outcome of treatment before crown or veneers restorations. Your dentist may need to expose more of the tooth.

Gum surgeries are normally treated with a conventional surgical scalpel for controlled results. After the procedure is completed, a surgical dressing is placed and left in place for about a week before your peridontist arranges a return visit to re-check gum healing.

Gum Grafts

Gingival graft aims to prevent further recession and in certain cases cover existing recession. Successful gingival grafting will require constant monitoring, progress checks as well as oral discipline and co-ordination on the part of the patient.

Bone Grafts

Bonegrafting involves placing bone materials in ares with insufficient bone mass. Bonegrafts may be used to

  • treating deep pockets in gingiva
  • creating bone density prior to dental implant treatment

There are various methods and types of bonegrafts including the use of block bone from other parts of your body or the use of synehtic bone ceramics. 

Periodontal Treatment FAQs

You may have heard of laser dentistry or laser periodontal therapy having various benefits including less bleeding, being less invasive and shorter healing time. There are studies should the positive results. Whilst laser technology is available for other dental treatments and our periodontist team has undergone prior training for laser gum surgery, our thailand dental clinics currently do not offer laser dentistry for periodontal therapy or laser gum surgery.

Laser gum surgery has its limitation and is still in its early stages for periodontal therapy. At this current stage, our periodontists prefer the use of conventional peridontal technique that they find are more effective for a thorough and complete gum treatment.

Severe cases of periodontitis will require traditional surgery and is not suited for laser surgery. Traditional gum surgery uses flap surgery whereby the dentist cuts into the gums and peels back the tissue. Once accessing the tooth roots, it is cleaned, the bone reshaped and sutured back in place.

Dental scaling is a terms that is sometimes used to describe root planing or deep cleaning used to treat gum disease. During a professional teeth clean, surface plaque and tartar is removed from your teeth. During dental scaling, plaque and tartar under your gums so it involves cleaning the areas of the tooth below the gum line.

Teeth scaling may be done by 

  1. hand-held scaler : this is a curved curette to manually scrap calculus, rough spots away from the teeth
  2. ultrasonic airflow : a vibrating metal tip chips off the tartar with water, air and a powder spray

During the root planing and gums cleaning, your periodontist will typically numb your gums with a local anesthesia, then use use specialized instruments to remove the tartar buildup from above and below the gum line. Other then the numbing procedure teeth scaling and root planing cause very little discomfort.

If cleaning only one tooth, the procedure may be done in a single visit. If there is more severe gum issues, your visit may be done over several visits in quadrants.  Your gums may feel a little sore or tender post treatment and your gums should quickly regain a firm, healthy, pink appearance.


Gum treatment is known as periodontics that treats diseases and problems of your gums. These include deep cleaning, gum surgery, gum grafts, bonegrafts and crown lengthening.
Our peridontists at BIDH dental hospital are certified dental specialists on the treatment of gums. Gum surgery for gingivectomy or crown-lenghtening is sometimes done in conjection prior to the start of cosmetic dentistry on porcelain veneers or all ceramic crowns to achieve teeth balance and overall aesthetics. Our cosmetic dental clinic can plan in collaboration with your cosmetic dentists as BIDH dental cosmetic center are specialists in cosmetic dentistry.
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