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Metal Frame Dentures at BIDH Dental Clinic

Metal dentures are also known as permanent dentures because they are typically made only after gums and teeth has fully healed. Temporary immediate acrylic dentures may be replaced with metal frame dentures for longer-term use and durability.

In some cases, the denture design may be narrow and if they are made out of plastic, they tend to be break easily. For each cases, metal dentures are recommended for the required strength. A metal denture can also add stability for lower jaw missing gaps relatively to their light-weight acrylic counterparts.

Benefits of Metal Dentures

  • Offer stability and grips better from metal framework
  • Clasps can be tightened more easily for a more precise fit
  • A metal base allows durability relative to plastics
  • Metal base dentures are do not accumulate buildup as easily making it more hygenic
  • Because metal is stronger, dentures construct may be designed thinner and smaller for certain cases
  • May be constructed with open palate for better taste and comfort

Your prosthodontists at BIDH thailand dental clinic will discusses your optiosn for missing teeth replacment that include dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. Other dentures types aside from metal dentures offered at our dental clinic include acrylic dentures, hybrid acrylic dentures with valpast.

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Metal Denture Types

Metal frame or base may be used within dentures :  
  1. full cast removable partial denture: also known as cast partial has a metal frame base with acrylic teeth. Metal clasps, that are hook-like structures, holds the removable partial denture onto teeth. The clasps are cast as part of the actual metal framework allowing stability and elasticity
  2. temporary removable partial denture : also known or a flipper has acrylic base and teeth with small metal clasps. Clasps may be used on plastic dentures, but they normally do not secure as well as the cobalt chrome ones placed within metal dentures. They are ‘glue in’ that does not provide the required stiffnes and can deform over time.
Clasps are the metal wires that clip around your teeth. They help to keep the denture in as well as help stop it from rotating. 
Metal frame dentures

Metal Frame Dentures

Clasps to Secure Dentures

Care of Permanent Dentures

Post Care Instructions after Metal Dentures

Remove your dentures before sleeping at night, This allows your gum tissues to breathe and avoids irritation, discomfort, and infection of the soft tissue beneath your denture.
If you wear a partial dentures,use a separate soft toothbrush from your denture brush to clean your natural teeth. If you wear a full denture, wipe the ridges (where the denture sits), tongue, lips, cheeks, and roof of the mouth. Rinsing daily with lukewarm salt water can help keep your gums clean.
If you have sore spots, small marks or wound on the gum tissues from your denture, do consult and visit your dentist so they can make adjustments to relieve the pressure on those areas. Do you adjust or repair your denture on your own that can damage them or affect the fit.

Caring for Your Metal Dentures

Your metal dentures will contain acrylics, therefore its care is similar to that of acyrlic dentures:

  • Clean you dentures under warm water after each meal to remove loose food debris. Do not use boiling or very hot water that can deform your denture.
  • Dentures and partials may break if they fall and hit a hard surface. So always lay on soft towel when they are taken out.
  • Brushed daily with a soft tooth brush or soft denture brush. Regular toothpaste may be too abrasive and can cause scratches on the acrylic parts of your metal dentures. Therefore use denture paste of cleaning tablets.
  • When you are not wearing your dentures, place them in water or denture solution.
  • After soaking, be sure to rinse thoroughly under warm water before re-inserting into mouth. 

FAQ on Metal Dentures

In general, Cobalt-Chrome metal dentures have many benefits compared to acrylic denture and tend to last longer. However there are also considerations to metal dentures:
Metal dentures costs are normally higher than acrylics due to its raw material.
You may see metal clasps. Therefore the aesthetics and color may not look as good to acyrlic removal partial dentures.  It takes a longer time and more visits to have metal dentures constructed. More skill is required by your dentist and the technician is needed to make a good set.
Your gum tissue however is always in a constant state of change, and bone loss can occur over time, therefore causing dentures to become ill-fitting.
For acrylic dentures and flexible dentures, they will likely need to be replaced if they become improper fitting. For metal dentures can be used over the longer term relative to acrylics with proper care. It may need to be re-lined or re-based periodically.

Do not repair the dentures by yourself but make a visit for your dentust to fix it. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be fixed on the spot or need to be fixed in the dental laboratory. If the dentures is not salvageable, your dentist may recommend a new set of dentures.   

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