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Since its inception, Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) on Sukhumvit Soi 2 has always set the fore-front in catering to expats in bangkok and international patients. BIDH has a team multilingual customer care staff including english, japanese and chinese language. Our thiland expatriate desk looks after the various needs for dental services and international or local insurance claims during your visit here.

Get a free dental checkup and ask about dental enquiries for expatriates within Thailand. 

Dental Services for Expats in Bangkok

BIDH dental hospital diffes from your conventional neighbourhood dental clinics. Specific services that many expatriates take for granted back in their home country but find it difficult to find in Thailand include :

  1. IV Sedation Dentistry
  2. Pediatric Dentistry (Dentist for Children) 

Our specialized dental hospital follows international standards on sterilization and patient safety protocols set out by the WHO, ADA, AAMI and JCI. As an international patient, you are assured cleanliness and safety precautions for peace of mind. We do not discriminate treatment fees between our international and local patients. All our prices are standardized and transparent.

dental sedation

IV Sedation

For many patients from overseas, having their dental treatments done under laughing gas or IV sedation may be a norm back home. In Thailand, although some clinics offer laughing gas sedation, safety standards can vary and there is no strict regulations imposed at dental clinics. At BIDH, as a licensed hospital, we follow international sterilization, quality and patients safety standards that are a mandatory part of our regulations and policy. All our sedation dentistry cases under monitored by validated registered nurses and a licensed anaesthesiologist. Normal dental clinics in Thailnd typically do not maintain a full-time or part-time nurse on-site for treatment

best chidlren dentist

Pediatric Specialists

Another area of specialization that BIDH dental hospital caters to expatriates is a specialization on pediatric dentistry. At BIDH, our team of children dentist are trained specialist who undergo additional years or certifications in managing and treating children. For many expatriates, it may be difficult to find a reliable dentist with knowledge on monitoring of primary and baby teeth growth. BIDH pedatric dentists takes care of babies from 6 months upwards on their teeth and oral health.

Additional services catering to bangkok expatriates :

  1. Fluent english-speaking dentists: Our team of dentists and dental specialists are many accredited from USA, Australia, UK or overseas. Our dental team compose of the top leading aesthetic and restorative specialists, implantologists and oral surgeons winning numberous awards for its quality-based treatments and services. 
  2. Fast Treatment with Lab: BIDH is one of the few dental center with an on-site dental lab where you teeth works are fabricated and made. This means faster delivery of prosthese such as crowns, bridges and veneers and adjsutments visits.
  3. International sterilization and safety standards: BIDH is  hospital. We abide by high and strict sterilization and safety standards with policies advocated by JCI, ADA, AAMI to assure our patients receive similiar level or above the treatment level standards to that in USA.
  4. Transparent Fixed Treatment Fees: Dental services and treatment fees at BIDH dental hospital are non-discriminatory. We have standardized fixed pricing policy. All our billing receipts tracked by 3rd party audit for transparency. If you hold insurances priviledges, ask our customer care on our cashless insurance coverages alliances.

What are the common questions expats in Bangkok asks on dental treatments?

All thai dentists takes the main dentist board exam, the Thailand Dental Council, to obtain a dental license after graduating from university with a doctor of dentistry (DDS.) degree.

All licensed dentists in Thailand are able treat patients on the full range of dental treatments. They can do simple teeth cleaning to more complicated treatments such as braces and oral surgery. There is no restriction or control on the treatment service or complexity they can perform. So within normal dental clinics, dentists are left to their own discretion and judgment to determine by themselves on their ability to treat or refer any complex case to other dentists. 

At BIDH dental hospital, we use a dental specialists referral system whereby a consulting dentist screens our cases for a first treatment plan. The consulting dentists then refers to respective dental specialists in their field of expertises. So all braces are performed only by orthodontists; dental implants by implantologists; or dentures by prosthodontist to ensure successful outcome and results. We limit the priviledges of dentists to their speciality areas. And we ensures that our expats in bangkok are treated by qualified and well experienced specialists. 

The Ministry of Health provides for a minimal check list in granting dental clinic a license. Dental clinics therefore have to meet basic requirements. The extent with which each dental clinic places added focuses on sterilization, clealiness and safety may therefore vary within Thailand.

At BIDH, because we are a certified and official hospital, our sterilization, management systems and operation treatments standards are based on hospital guidelines (relative to clinics). We place added chemical and biological indicator tools within our operation process that is not mandatory in base requirements over and above required benchmark as added safety mechanisms for our patients.

Dentists and dental clinics have to display their prices at their clinic. If you are worried about discriminatory pricings within Thailand especially within smaller clinics, our recommendation is to visit a medical provider website or give a call to the clinic to check on their price list. Some clinics may have wider ranges than others. 

Having a large patient ase of expats in bangkok and international patient base, Our dental clinic at BIDH understands providing valued treatment fees without compromising on safety and obtaining natural-looking aesthetic treatment outcome treated by top thailand dental specialists. It may easy to find good quality treatment at high prices at hospitals; you”ll unlikely receive high quality treatments at “low” prices. At BIDH and our alliance clinics, we understand our thailand expatriates patients look for and expect good standard quality treatments at reasonable valued prices.  

Book An Appointment with BIDH Dentist

Get a complimenatry annaul dental checkup. Ask questions about oral health and issues. There is NO OBLIGATIONS for treatment. 

Expats in Bangkok Patient Story

“My name is Tracey and I live here in Bangkok, but I’m originally from England. I’m a teacher in an international school here. I have CDX disease which affects my teeth so my teeth aren’t great. At the moment I need some fillings and teeth removed. Even at home in the UK, I always have all my dentistry done under IV sedation. It took me a long while to find a dentist here. My friend has been attending here for her dentistry.  She recommended them as really nice people. And they also do IV sedation which is how I usually have my dentistry done at home, so I came and they have been absolutely amazing!

They are much more thoughtful and takes the procedure very seriously. I’ve been to the hospital for a checkup, they said lots of things that I could and couldn’t do as compared to the UK. So they’ve really looked after me! They’ve given options as well as costs options. They’ve looked after me with a step by step procedure knowing how scared I am. They’re always in contact.”

Meet our Thailand Expatriate Liaison Team

Thailand dentists

1. Consulting Dentists

If you’re dental concerns is complex. You may require a mix of dental treatments and various treatment options. BIDH has a dedicated consulting dentist who co-ordinates your treatment plan to ensure you get a holistic and successful treatment results. Patient safety, quality-based treatment standards are at the heart of our operations. Our team of dentists are top tier specialists n their area of expertise. Many of whom are graduated from USA, UK and Europe.  

Post anaesthesia care

1. Anaesthesiologist

Sedatives with IV sedation, oral medication or sleep dentistry is offered at BIDH dental hospital. Sedative dentistry is one of our speciality differentiation to other clincs and hospitals. We look after dental anxiety patients and take special care on the strict, high and safe protocols for sedation. All our sedation cases are monitored only a licensed anaesthesiologist and watched by trained registered nurses. 

1. English Speaking Team and Customer Care 

All our front-line customer care staff and dentists speaks fluent english. Our dental care team composes of overseas qualified dentists, many of whom are international speakers in their dental specialities and each with more than 10 years of experience on treatments. Our top management team are experienced and comprises of internationally certified graduate from the UK.

Meet More of Our expats in Bangkok

expats in bangkok

Our Thailand Expat Businessman

Bangkok Expat Family

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Family from Australia

Our International School Teacher Expat 


Contact Us

Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH)
98 Sukhumvit Soi 2, Khlong Toei,
Ploenchit area, Bangkok 10110
Tel : 02-115-8977
Mobile/Whatsapp : 095-517-1587

LINE ID @DentalHospital


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