Full Mouth Dental Implants Costs

dental implant prices

Which full mouth dental implants treatment options is for me? Who are trustworthy implant dentists in Thailand? What if I’m afraid of teeth extractions and implant treatments? How much do full jaw implants costs?

dental implant costs

Living with Full Jaw Missing Teeth

Having full dentures or soon-to-be endentulous jaw is a daunting and stressful situation. Unsure what to do next?

FUll Jaw Implants Options

What are my full jaw missing teeth options?

Basic ways to replace full jaw missing teeth :

  1. Full dentures that most conventional and economical way to replace full jaw misisng teeth
  2. Implant-support dentures with implant posts as retention support
  3. New full set of dental bridges over dental implants that acts as new tooth roots
  4. A one piece hybrid dentures (sometimes called hybrid bridge) fitted onto dental implant posts, most commonly know as All-on-4 or ProArch implants. This is an All-on-one immediate function concept 

See full mouth dental implant options or read more at dedicated website on dental implants

full dental implant dentures

Implant Dentures

2 to 4 implants with removable a full denture 

full bridge dental implants

Full Bridge Implant 

Individual implants building bridges over implants 

all-on-4 dental implants

Hybrid dentures

Commonly known as All-on-4 or ProArch using fixed dentures

Comparing Full jaw Implant Options




Full dentures

  • Most economical
  • Can be done for all types of bone conditions
  • Slips and slides
  • May fall out while talking and eating
  • Unable to chew with force

Implant-supported dentures

  • Relatively economical; uses 2 to 4 implants (per jaw)
  • Can be done for most types of cases with sufficent front bone
  • Provides secure retention and keeps full dentures in place
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Unable to chew with full force
  • Removable prosthese so will need to take care of overdentures daily

Full bridge over implants

  • Able to chew with full force
  • Feels, looks and functions like new set of natural teeth
  • clean and maintain simliar to natural teeth except it will never decay
  • High costs; uses 6 to 8 implants (per jaw)
  • Requires sufficient bone for implant placement is specific locations

Hybrid bridge/dentures over implants
(known as All-on-4)

  • Can be done for most types of cases with sufficent front bone
  • Fixed retention and prostheses
  • For selected cases, immediate function whereby provisional fixed hybrid bridge is obtained after implant placement
  • High costs; uses 4 to 6 implants (per jaw) and will require at least 2 sets of hybrid bridges
  • Difficult to clean and maintain over long-run
  • Requires adjustments over time
  • More risky

Which Full Mouth Dental Implants Option is for Me?

Factors to take into account before deciding which treatment option is for you:

  1. bone condition : do you have sufficient bone support for each option
  2. expected end results for use and maintanence : do you want a fixed or removable option? What are your oral hygiene habits do you have?
  3. budget

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Full jaw dental implants treatment procedure

Regardless if you are having single or full arch teeth implants done, your treatment journey follows a similar set of steps. Your dental implant treatment procedures starts off with dental consultation whereby a large 360 degree panoramic x-ray is taken to check implant positioning and your bone level. Your dentist may also to have a 3D CT Scan done to check the soft tissues and nerve endings.

Upon confirmation of your treatment plan on the type of implants, placement positioning and expected end prostheses, your implantologist starts the actual first stage dental implant post surgery insertion. During your visit for implant placement surgery, you may opt to have the implants done under local anesthesia (default option), by IV Sedation or General Anesthesia (GA) if you are worried about pain or are anxious about treatment. Many full jaw implant cases at BIDH dental hospital are done under dental sedation (IV deep sedation or GA) so patient have no re-collection of treatment and are placed to total sleep.

general anesthesia

Full jaw implants under General Anesthesia (GA) with no re-collection of treatment and pain during surgery

dental sedation

Patients can also be placed into sleep at the treatment room under deep IV sedation during surgery.

After the dental implant posts are placed. They are left to heal for about 2 to 6 months or more. This is called the osseointegration period whereby the implant posts are left to integrate with your jaw bone for a secure foundation. During this healing period, your implant posts typically has a healing abutment placed on and you may wear temporary prostheses such as full dentures or dentures with mini-implants so you have teeth to eat and chew with. It is important to avoid biting or heavy forces over the implant posts sites and keep your gums healthy whilst healing.  

Thailand Dental Implant Clinic

After a few months of healing, your dentist makes appointments for your second stage implant procedure to build and fit your final prostheses (dental bridges, dentures or hybrid bridges) over your implant posts. During the first followup visit, your prosthodontist, who may be a separate dentist to your implantologist, orders a panoramic x-ray to checks if the implant posts are fully healed and is secure in your jaw bone. If the implant posts has not yet fully healed, you will be advised to wait further. If all is well, your dentist then takes impression to design your final prostheses. At BIDH implant and oral surgery clinc, for full jaw dental bridges, your implant prosthodontist specialist may use digital scans and CAD/CAM technologies to customize your implant abutment and bridges.

The final prostheses are milled and fabricate at our digital dental lab before your  dentist fits and placed the prostheses over the implants at a return visit a few days later. Follow-up appointments are recommended/made for to check on comfort and any prostheses adjustments.

Full Jaw Implant Dentists

All our full jaw dental implant cases at BIDH Dental Hospital is treated only be qualified and verified dental specialists. First stage implant posts placement surgeries are looked after by implantologists or oral surgeons. Second stage prostheses by prosthodontists.

Many of our implant specialists are overseas board certified including from Germany, UK and USA. Each with more than 10 years of experience.

Implants Dentists
Thailand dentists

Dental Sedation Process

If you have dental anxiety, dental fear or is simply worried about pain during full jaw implant treatment, there are several dental sedation options. Highlighted in this video is what patients that opt for general anesthesia (GA) experience if opting to be placed into total sleep at BIDH dental hospital for their dental implants surgery or full jaw teeth extraction visits.

A fully qualified anesthesiologist and certified registered nurses takes care of you and monitors your dental sedation journey to ensure you are in safe hands. We use American ASA standards for our sedation protocols.  


Full Jaw implant costs

The costs for full jaw dental implants varies with the number of implants placed, implant brand chosen and expected end prostheses. Implant full bridges are the most expensive but feels and functions similar to having a new set of teeth. Implant dentures are removable and more economical.

Implant Price and Promotions
Pro Arch Straumann

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