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Pediatric dentists or pedodontists are dental specialists that help and provide dental treatments to young children to obtain a healthier teeth. As a parent, you may worry or wonder should you bring your child to your local family general dentist or a pediatric dentist?

For some and many parents, having a close relationships and long-term trust is important, you may therefore like to book an appointment first with your family dentist. Though, every parents wants the best for your children and shifting from your family dentist to a pedodontist or pediatric doctor can be beneficial to your young children – especially if its their first visit, your child requires special monitoring or if you have some specific oral concerns on your child’s teeth.

Pediatric dentists differ from general and family dentists in terms handling young children cases. Pedodontists provide dental treatment techniques and knowledge specific to the care of children’s teeth. They look at primary teeth and monitor growth irregularities or uses child psychology to manage children’s behaviours.

Enforcing positive and a happy oral care and dental experience during your child’s dentist visit with a pediatric dental specialist from start provides for a sound foundation and a good impact on caring for your child’s teeth whilst growing up.

Like in health treatments where are cardialogists specialists on your heart or a ENT specialists on linkages canals for ears, nose and throat; Within dentistry, each field of dentistry also has its dental specialists – pediatric dentists are trained to diagnoses and treats baby teeth or primary teeth, periodontists treats gums whilst an endodontists treats tooth roots.

At what age my child should see the pediatric dentists?

Children’s teeth are no less than important like adults teeth. As early as 6 months old, babies typically start teething. When you child’s teeth has erupted, we do encourage you to set an appointment for your baby’s very first dental appointment (don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this worth collecting memory).
Infancy, toddler, childhood and puberty are key age stages that your child’s pediatric dentists monitor on oral hygiene behaviour and teeth growth. The mentally of childlren and young minds changes. Both your pedoddontist and parents play vital roles during each age phase on oral care and hygiene.
Good routine and learning starts at home. Therefore, if parents have good knowledge and engage their children about the basics of oral hygiene care at an early age, your child will be responsible and having a healthy life-long smile.
During puberty, your child may feel embarrased or shy on going to a pediatric dental clinic. Should your child feel this way, open communication is recommended. Ask your child if he/she prefer to visit a general dentist. If they they have specific concerns on misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth or on their smile in general, many teens consult an orthodontist or braces dentist at this age stage. Teen and pre-teens commonly have braces done beause during this stage all or most of their adult teeth would have erupted and a stable jaw structure.   
Parents can always ask pediatric dentists on any concerns regarding their child’s teeth and behaviour at every and any stage who can refer forward to a corresponding specialist nd provide further advice.
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Pediatric Dentists

Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) has a pediatic dentisty department that caters to the care of chidlren oral health. Our team of pediatric dentists are dental specialist who are speciallly trained with additional certifications on child psychology, children behaviour and diagnoses and treatment of baby teeth. Our pediatric dentists speaks english and include Australian certified pedodontists.

Why expats in Bangkok choose to bring their children to BIDH dental hospital :

  1. Fluent english-speaking dentists: Our team of dentists and dental specialists are many accredited from USA, Australia, UK or overseas. Our dental team compose of the top leading aesthetic and restorative specialists, implantologists and oral surgeons winning numberous awards for its quality-based treatments and services. 
  2. International sterilization and safety standards: BIDH is  hospital. We abide by high and strict sterilization and safety standards with policies advocated by JCI, ADA, AAMI to assure our patients receive similiar level or above the treatment level standards to that in USA.
  3. Transparent Fixed Treatment Fees: Dental services and treatment fees at BIDH dental hospital are non-discriminatory. We have standardized fixed pricing policy. All our billing receipts tracked by 3rd party audit for transparency. If you hold insurances priviledges, ask our customer care on our cashless insurance coverages alliances.
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IV Sedation for Chidlren

High safety standards is crucial for sedation. As a hospital, international sterilization and safety protocols are mandatory. All our sedation cases monitored under licensed anaesthesiologist and registered nurses. Normal dental clinics in Thailand using laughing gas or IV sedation typically have their dentist perform the procedure. There is no regualatory requirement for a nurse to be on-site. At BIDH, we assure your child is safely looked after by experts in their fields. 

Common questions on pediatric dentistry

All dentists, general dentists and pediatric dentists are licensed dentists that has undertaken the main dentist board exam from the Thailand Dental Council and are able to treat both adults and children. Licensed dentists can provide dental treatment on the full range of dental treatments ranging from teeth cleaning to orthodontic braces.

If you or your child does not have any specific oral concerns and are looking just for a checkup and teeth cleaning, you can go to either a general dentist or pediatric dentists.

If however you have a specific concern that requires deeper in-depth knowledge, pediatric dentists are dental specialists on children’s teeth. They have additional years to certifications to your general dentists on the diagnoses, treatment and management of children’s oral health. Pedodontists may treat your child’s teeth if its within their field of expertise or refer more complex treatment cases to a dental specialists.

BIDH dental hospital has a dental specialists referral system. Your first dentist screens and the actual dental treatment are done by corresponding dental specialists in their field of speciality. This ensure treatment work is done properly and by well-qualified dentists. 

The hygiene and steriliztion standards across Thailand at dental clinics can vary dramatically. Depending on your priorities of importance, treatment fees normally vary with what you get. 

Based on surveys, most patients at BIDH dental hospita value dentist qualifications, certifications on sterilization standards,level of trusts and reviews on treatment, technologies and cleanliness. As BIDH is a hospital, our operations flows and systems are based on hospital guidelines (relative to clinics). Double nd triple-check on cleanliness of instruments, equipments are placed within our system for safety assurances to patients. All viewpack are sealed, dated with individual chemical indicators on sterilization efforts.

All dental clinics are required to inform and display their treatment fees to patients. Some clinics may have varying price ranges. 

BIDH has a one fixed standardized treatment fees and non-discriminatory treatment fees. Our fees are priced at valued rates and you can also enquire if your insurance coverges may be used at our hospital.  

Book An Appointment with BIDH Pedatric Dentists

Get a complimenatry annual dental checkup for your child.  

Pediatric Dentistry in Bangkok

“Pediatric dentistry at BIDH dental hospital is with safety assurances on specialists treatment care, international sterilization and strict sedation protocols where required”

Pediatric Facilities and Dentists Team

Pediatric dental clinic

Play Area

There is a play area that you and your child is able to wait. The area iscleaned and sterilized periodically.

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Friendly English-Speaking Dentists and Staff 

All our dentists and customer care staff and dentists speaks fluent english. We also offer chinese and japanese language services.

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Children dentistry


Dentistry for toddlers (6 months and above)

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