Phet Rama – Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry


Leading Thailand Dentists explains Aesthetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry

Petch Rama reality show hosted by Mr Nawat Itsaragrisil on channel 3 Thailand interviews American board certified aesthetic dentists Dr. Somkiat Aimplee DDS., and prosthodontist Dr. Peerapat Kaweewongprasert DDS., 

The interviews answers commonly asked questions by the public audience who may be considering full mouth rehabilition in revitalising yourr smille or improving and changing your teeth for health reason.

Topics covered within aesthetic dentistry and restorative dentistry include:

  • porcelain veneers, dental crowns and dental implants and its treatment procedures 
  • new technologies techniques on Digital Smile Design (DSD) that customized and personalizes your teeth and smile individually for you
  • costs factors versus teeth material chosen not just better aesthetic quality but for patient health safety and part of your facial features

What can you expect when you come to Bangkok International Dental Hospital ?

The episode covers patient experience and expected treatment process when coming in to Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) for consultation on restorative teeth and smile makeover.

  1. Patient Registration : Customer Services welcomes and registers you in
  2. Medical Check : Nurse takes your relevant medical history, blood pressure and allergies
  3. Checkup & Consultation : Consulting dentist checks on oral condition and may recommend x-rays if there are potential issues. Your dentist discusses your concerns and provides you with treatment options
  4. Specialists Treatment : Each portion of required dental treatment is referred to a dental specialist in their expertise area for actual treatment

Following dental specailization treatment enables you to receive skilled treatments and obtain expert opinions within all required fields of dentistry.

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Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) is one of the leading dental center in Thailand on cosmetic dentistry. Our team of dentists and dental specialists at our dental group network has been caring for the smiles of beauty queens, models, actresses and celebrities. 

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