Patient Safety in Dentistry – Why BIDH Dental Hospital?

Safe Dentistry

BIDH dental hospital is private standalone 8 level dental hospital that caters only for dentistry. Hospital based standards for infection prevention and controls are employed based on international standards. Multiple levels of sterilization efforts and patient safety mechanisms are embedded within our daily operations to consistently keep our patient safe. BIDH imposes added external suction units on request, selected protective equipment with built-in ventilation systems designed to protect our patients and healthcare staff.   

  1. Infection Prevention and Control Standards
  2. Dental Sterilization and Disinfection Policies
  3. Safe Dentist Near Me
  4. Central Sterile Supply Management (CSSD)
  5. Patient Reviews on Hospital Safety 

Our team at dental hospital has been fully vaccinated for Covid-19 on 2 dosage shots as of late April and May 2021. Our healthcare team is therefore ready and confident to provide service to our visitors and patients.  

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Infection Prevention and Control Standards

With the onset of the new wave of COVID-19 infections cases and concerns in Thailand since 2020 and into 2021, having a villigent infection prevention and control standards monitored and in place is a crucial necessity. To protect our patients, visitors, dentists, healthcare workers and staff, BIDH dental hospital takes additional measures on the prevention and control of viral spread including COVID-19 over and above standard precuations in our dental care practice.

As a specialized dental hospital for safe dentistry, we go beyond legal requirements by the Public Ministry of Health in Thailand. Safety measures and guidelines we employ are based on scentific principles from estabished interntional organisation such as the American Dental Assoication (ADA), CDC, AAMI and WHO. 

External Intraoral Suction Machine

  • Potential aerosol-based dental treatments including teeth cleaning, scaling or polishing, an external intra-oral suction unit is used to remove any droplets or vapours in air on request
  • The external intra-oral suction unit has HEPA and activated carbon filters to stop virus and germs.
  • UV light disinfection system that kills all viruses and germs in the filter.
  • And plasma for disinfection

Disposals and PPE

  • Disposal equipment and supplies are used where possible to help you and your dentist 
  • Masks and respirators are used
  • Isolation gowns worn are meant for surgical grade from spread of infection or illness in contact with potentially infections liquids and solid matieral.It prevents the transfer of micro-organisms. 
  • Certified for PPE wear Level 2 THTI as barrier splash proof that is hot autoclaved instead of detergent wash.

Standard Precautions

  • Clean and disinfected environmental surface with each use
  • Double verification of sterile instruments and devices 
  • Safe needle and sharp stick disposal practices
  • We may request patients to post phone non-emergency and aersoal spray dental procedures 

Registration Screening

coronavirus screening
  • Temperature and history is taken prior to entering treatment room areas
  • There are large waiting areas for distancing
  • Wearing of masks is required 
  • Hand hygiene is encouraged

Sterilization and Disinfection Standards

Sterilization describes a process that destroys or eliminates all forms of microbial life. Disinfection describes a process that eliminates many or all pathogenic microorganisms. Both dental sterilization and disinfection must be consistently performed in order to maintain safe dentistry.

Unlike your typical dental clinic, dedicated nurse monitors and checks on dental sterilization efforts.  

Guidelines to Prevent Flu, Infections Diseases and COVID

Our award-winning dental hospital and dental clinic abides by evident-based practices set out by validated organizations. Guidelines used are based on the CDC, WHO, AAMI, ADA are updated and imposed within our operations.

We employ hospital standards for the safe dentistry whilst you receive dental treatment with us:

Strict sterilization processes and policies and controls are used at our center. Its standards are based on established scientific principles by organization that include:

  • American standards by Center of Disease Controls (CDC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)
  • Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN)
  • Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
  • US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

We employ standards beyond required basics in Thailand.

Water quality can affect cleaning, disinfection and the sterilization processes. BIDH checks our water quality. Initial rinsing uses tap water, but during the final rinsing of cleaned medical devices, treated water is used. 

Ions, microorganisms, organics within water quality are checked.

Dental instruments undergo several layers of cleaning. Dental instruments are initially soak in rapid multi-enzyme detergent that pre-disinfects human secretions. Thereafter, the instruments are placed in ultrasonic cleaners to remoe tiny or invisible dirt. This is followd by autoclaving in vaccum suction units.

Chemical indicators double confirm that all instruments used at BIDH are sterile and that our autoclave machines are performing effectively. Machine cycles at BIDH is tracked and recorded.

All autoclaved instruments are checked with internal and external labels. Expiry dates mark each individual packs. We use a Class 5 level check, the highest level of sterilization examination.

Sterilized clean instruments are consistently kept under controlled cool temperatures and humidity to prevent bacteria growth. Backup generators are in place should a power supply disturbance occur.

Autoclave pressure-steam machines or autoclaves does not guarantee total sterilization. Our dental hospital has a double-level verifcition system using biological checks on top of chemical checks for critical instruments and equipment.

Single-use disposable towels that contains high level disinfectants are used with our dental units during cleaning. Our pre-selected high level disinfectant used for cleaning at our dental hospital is clinically certified to be effective against bacteria.

Safe Dentist Near Me

Infection Prevention and Controls

Aside from sterilization policies and system flows set in place to make our treatments and environment safe, BIDH dental hospital selects quality-based equipment and materials. We take the time to select, inspect and choose ranges of equipment that focuses on sterilization concepts, automated cleaning, infection prevention and controls. 

Room Ventilation

best dental clinic thailand

BIDH dental hospital is a specifically designed dental hospital building at design for on infection control flow and fitted with ventilation flow systems to circulate airflow within the treatment rooms to remove contaminates, mercury vapors and harmful evaporable contents in the air..

Air Purifers

Aside from specified airflow systems, additional air-purification disinfectors with 7 stage layers include a pre-filter, HEPA, activated carbon, antibacterial cotton, photocatalysis, cold catalyst, UV Lamp and Anion are used at designated areas. UV sterilization filter with photocatalyst kills harmful bacteria and viruses

UV Disinfection

Treatment room uses ultra-violet light of 15 minutes cycles after each patient use to kill surface viruses.

Auto-clean Units

All our dental units are from Europe. Planmeca dental chairs are equiped with high-powered suction units and designed with automated clean water system normal units do not have. Its basin and parts are detachable for autoclaving.


We try to use individual patient-based disposal items as much as possible. Waste are separate disposed between infectious or general waste bins.

Periodic Cleaning

Surfaces on dental units and public areas for door handles, desks, evalators and bathrooms are disinfected with regular interval checks with cavity wipes that chemically kills virus and germs.

Book An Appointment with BIDH Dentist

Get a complimenatry dental checkup. Ask questions about oral health and issues. There is NO OBLIGATIONS for treatment.

Central Sterile Supply Management (CSSD)CSSD


BIDH dental hospital uses the international guideline for disinfection and dental sterilization that presents evidence-based recommendations on the preferred methods for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization within our sterilization processes and flow.

Dental Clinic Reviews

Patients choose BIDH dental hospital for their dental treatments due to its 

  1. Strict patient safety focus for safe treatment
  2. High treatment standards by skilled dentists and experienced doctors
  3. Clean and sterile environment
  4. Advance technologies for diagnoses, pain management and non-invasive dental treatment (where possible)

Contact Us

Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH)
98 Sukhumvit Soi 2, Khlong Toei,
Ploenchit area, Bangkok 10110
Tel : 02-115-8977
Mobile : 095-517-1587

LINE ID @DentalHospital

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