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The average weather in Bangkok is about 30 °C making Bangkok quite a warm humid place. Therefore, you are advised you to bring warm summer clothing; even during the winter when the temperature can be around 25°C.


The currency in Thailand is Thai baht or THB. There are many currency exchange stalls dotted around Bangkok, mostly in tourist destinations, however, we recommend you exchange your money at the bank before your departure, at the airport or at a reliable large shopping mall. 


Forms of transportation in Bangkok include public buses, private taxies, the skytrain, underground train and tuk-tuk.

When getting around the main shopping area of Bangkok city, the most convenient and safe transport option used by tourist is the BTS skytrain or underground metro train. You are able to purchase a one-use daily pass or purchase a rabbit card at the station itself. Rabbit cards may be topped-up like an electronic wallet and allows you to make purchases at many convenient stores for coffee, snacks or food court. 

There are many taxies around Bangkok’s main attraction areas. Many of them wait at taxi stands or you can simply flag down a cab for an available taxies on the street that has glowing green vacant signs in them. You can also use Grab Taxi from your mobile phone. There is no Uber in Thailand

Buses stands are also scattered around ready to pick you up, but most tourists find it difficult in figuring out its routes and its frequency may not be ask quick. 

Tuk-tuks are one of the symbols of Thai culture and can be a quite enjoyable to experience to take. You can also find motor cycles that are able to transport you to many places in short distance. Both mode of transport do not a meter, so you will need to negotiate fees prior to taking you to a location. Most residents take it only if travelling short distances.

If travelling outside of Bangkok to more distant places or provinces, you may like to enquiry about renting a car as a safest option. You will need an international driver’s license to rent a car at the airport. 

Rabbit Card

For Transport and Electronic Wallet

MRTA card


For Underground Trains 

BTS Card

For Skytrains 

Destination of Interests

Bangkok is the most visited country in the world, Full of antiquated cultures and traditions. This exquisite country is also known as the “Venice of the east”, due to it’s amazing canals and rivers. However, the most extraordinary part of it is the extraordinary, gold-lined, temples and it’s remarkable, sufficient shopping malls.

siam paragon

Sitting at the heart of Bangkok, Siam Square area is the country’s city shopping district. Glazed with large and numerous shopping malls within the area, you are able to find items for both adults, children and teens. 

Central world is one of Bangkok’s biggest, most well know shopping malls and tourist attractions there. With its 500+ shops and even a 55 story Centara grand hotel, central world is a must go for tourists visiting Bangkok.

Siam Paragon is another popular shopping mall in Bangkok offering branded brands as well as daily lifestyle brands. It has a gourmet supermarket and restuarants popular with tourists.

Wat Pho Buddha

Wat Pho is one of the most well-known temples in Bangkok. It is known for its giant reclining buddha which is a whopping 15 meters tall, and 46 meters long. This fascinating temple also had good English-speaking guides to tour you around the 4 chapels that contain 394 gilded Buddha images.

Wat Pho is one of the few attractions in Bangkok to visit when visiting Thailand. It is a symbolic in getting a feel of thailand deep cultural roots.

Looking over the Chao Praya river, Icon Siam is the second tallest building in Thailand and one of the biggest shopping malls in Thailand. This grand mall consists of 7 luxurious dining areas that you are sure to admire and also an indoor floating market for tourists to uncover the prodigious culture of Thai food, dances and transport.

In the front of Icon Siam there are beautiful displays depending on what time of year it is for you to take elegant pictures to show family and friends. You can even schedule a boat ride to ride down Chao Praya river

Since founded to grand palace is the architectural symbol of the Thai royal family. The magnificent buildings within the grand palace are breathtaking and totally worth to explore.

The palace is a former residence for King Rama I to King Rama V of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. This is a place of significant place as it is where royal ceremonies such as the Royal Coronations are traditionally held. The grand palace is divided into two main zones, which are the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the royal residence.

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Main organizations within Thailand related to foreign visitors during your travels visit in Thailand for dental treatments 

  1. Thailand Immigration Bureau : Updates to foreign travellers, VISA exemptions, VISA on arrival and overstay questions
  2. Ministry of Public Health : Public health happenings and regulations
  3. Thailand Tourism Authority : Events, destinationl activities, culture, main attractions and promotions within Thailand for tourists  
  4. Bangkok Sky train (BTS) : How to get a rabbit card or BTS card to board train, BTS train map of Bangkok
  5. Metro Underground Train: Mass Rapid Authority of Thailand, the subway or metro underground train in Bangkok for information on map and ticketing

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