Tips on choosing Veneers choices

Tips on choosing Veneers choices

Dental veneers are thin laminates placed over the front surface of teeth in order to cover chips, irregularities, change shape, color or size of your teeth.You’ve probably heard about Hollywood smiles and how celebrities transforms their look after a few days. Dental veneers or crowns are normally the cosmetic dentistry treatment opted in smile makeovers.

There are various types of veneers materials:

  1. porcelain veneers : made of thin ceramic materials that are smooth and gives teeth a natural-look; they are long-lasting and strong
  2. composite veneers : made of materials used for tooth filling that are resin cured over teeth, normally opted for its quick but shorter-term outcome.
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What are the common problems dental veneers treat?

Dental veneers resolves several teeth aesthetic problems

  • Cracked teeth or chipped teeth may be have occurred in accidents, heavy biting ofsolid food or wear and tear of teeth over time
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  • Veneers may close spacing and gaps between the teeth where the source issue is the size of teethare small in relation to your jaw.Gaps in teeth can causing problems such as food debris being stuck in between teeth
  • Teeth wear from chewing and grinding over time. Veneers can rebuild the length and height of teeth to an extend
  • Mildly crooked and misaligned teeth with unusual arrangement such as a slight twist or overlap may in some cases by straightened with dental veneers. Instead of going through orthodontic treatment braces that is costly and requires longer treatment timings of months, dental veneers is completed in just a few days.

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  • Where there is an abnormal tooth shape and size, such as small teeth as compared to surrounding teeth, dental veneers can quickly change the shape and size of teeth to improve your over smile
  • Irregularities in teeth such as discoloration on dark teeth or yellowish, tetracycline staining or uneven teeth can sometimes be covered by dental veneers

Dental veneers

should always be designed accordingly to your specific needs based on your concern by our cosmetic dentists. At BIDH dental hospital, we customize each design unique to you. Your cosmetic dentist does treatment plan to address your original problem and choose the color, shape, size, and positioning on teeth alignment to treat your needs

BIDH Cosmetic Dental Center

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Digital Smile Design (DSD)

1. Leading Team of Cosmetic Dental Experts

At BIDH Dental Hospital, our leading cosmetic dental center has won awards as a top cosmetic dentistry provider. All our dental veneers cases are treated by certified by prosthodontists or restorative cosmetic specialists or that has been trained with an eye on the area aesthetics. Our resident cosmetic dental expert is the only double American-board certified dentist within south-east asia region from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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2. Use of advance digital technology to personalized your smile

Seek advice and get a personalized smile design using Digital Smile Design (DSD) system available at BIDH dental hospital. We are one of the few cosmetic dental centers that has its own on-site dental laboratory within our same dental hospital building to fabricate your porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns premium grade materials.

3. Dental veneers lab within BIDH Dental Hospital for Fast Treatment with Skilled Techician for Quality Aesthetics Control

A team of experienced and skilled dental technicians is stationed on-site that is able to use high industrial base using the latest innovation and the latest materials (E-Max Multiple Layers) veneers to provide you with the ideal set of teeth. Having an on-site lab enables faster treatments, provides stronger, more durable and more natural looking veneers than machine-milled veneers.

4. Dental Hospital with sterilization, safety and quality standards

BIDH cosmetic dental center provides for world-class standards of quality, safety and sterilization standards. We create beautiful aesthetic teeth to bring out your unique traits and enables you to smile confidently.

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