True Visions – The Man With Teeth of Steel

Super power Teeth of Steel

In August 2019, television programme Miracle Phanluek with Jack Ryder discovers a man from Malaysia, Mr Didi, that possess apparent special teeth of steel with the strength to pull the rice carts and lift heavy objects. Didi’s amazing ability has sparked controversary as a super power human. Why can he do it? Does he really possess super powers?

Jack Ryder consults the advise of prosthodontist and dental implant specialists, Dr Pranai Nakaparksin DDS., MSc., from Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) to investiate and study Didi’s super power teeth.

Dr Pranai investigates scientifically and medically taking digital panoramic x-ray, intra-oral evaluation and scan of Didi’s teeth to check his teeth structure. Listen and watch Dr Prani as he examines his teeth, mouth, neck and head condition to learn more about oral and dental care. Dr Pranai to comment and answers the question to this human mystery.

อาจารย์ ทันตแพทย์ ประณัย นาคะปักษิณ
Watch the full actual story and facts on the super ability power of Didi on Miracle Phanluek with Jack Ryder at  Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH)
Watch the full television programme on True Vision channel braodcast with on True Plook Panya episode 

อัศจรรย์พันลึก Episode มนุษย์ฟันเหล็ก at BIDH (Bangkok International Dental Hospital)