Dental Implant Clinic at BIDH Dental Hospital

1. Top Implantologists and Prosthodontists

BIDH’s team of dentists and specialists treating dental implant composes Thailand’s leading and top implantologists and prosthodontists.

  • Each having more than 10 years of experience having already treated hundreds of dental implant cases
  • Many of them are international speakers in their field of expertises and are professors, ex-lecturers to other local implantologists and prosthodontist at their universities. 
  • The majority of our implant specialists include American board, Canadian board, German board certified specialists. This means the dentist treating you at BIDH Dental hospital are licensed to practice in their respective board certified countries in USA, Canada, UK.  Their qualifications goes beyond dental specialist graduate certification.
Best implant dentist

Master Specialists Team

Lecturers, speakers to other denists

2. Authorized Nobel Biocare and Straumann Implant Center

BIDH dental hospital uses the world’s top 2 established dental implants systems. 

  • We have selected dental implant with a founded historical and high success rates. We verify each batch of our Nobel Biocare (USA) and Straumann (Switzerland) dental implants.
  • Nobel Biocare (USA) and Straumann (Switzerland) dental implants are carried globally so regardless where out patient travel from or to, their local specialists will be famillar with the implant systems
  • Our implantologists are international speakers and lecturers for Nobel Biocare and Straumann including All-on-4 and ProArch technique.
  • First dental team in Thailand to success treat full jaw dental implants for Straumann’s BLX implants (All-on-4 immediacy case)
noblel biocare implants

Full jaw Implant Specialists

First in Thailand to Treat Swiss base Pro-Arch BLX

3. Hospital Based Sterilization Safety For High Success Rates

At BIDH Dental Hospital, we employ hospital based and international sterilization standards and protocols. This ensures :

  • all our dental implant treatmnets are performed under safe and sterilization conditions
  • Our dental implant success rates is marked above global benchmark settings at 96% having placed thousands of implants
  • BIDH is one of Thailand’s first official specialized dental hospital – catering and specializing only in the area of dentistry
  • Has a full team of licensed registered nurses on-site for infection control and in-patient care
  • employs Joint Commission International (JCI) standards
training nobel biocare clinic
best dental linic
4. Sleep Dentistry for Dental Implants

General Anesthesia and PACU Care

One Day Quick Painless Procedure

Dental Implant Surgery under General Anesthesia

Dental implant treatments are normally done under local anesthesia while you are awake and conscious. At BIDH dental hospital, we offer general anesthesia or sleep dentistry for suited cases enabling major dental treatment to be done while you are asleep.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress on having dental treatments done
  • Experienced oral surgeons and general anesthesiologist team
  • Post anesthethesia care unit (PACU) and protocols with licensed nurses
5. Advance Digitalized Technologies for Dental Implants
Tooth Implants

3D CT Scan & Digital Surigical Template

Detailed and Precision in Treatment

Dental Implants Technologies

BIDH dental hospital features the digitalized dentistry technologies. Within dental implant treatment, equipments used include 3D CT Scans, digital surgical templates, panoramic digital imaging

  • maximise patient safety and minimize risks
  • Shorten treatment timings
  • Added level of detailed diagnoses
  • Detection and resolution of potential risk areas
6. Dental Lab for Customized Implants Abutment and Crowns
Step 2 Design abutment

Customized Prostheses

Dental implant crownsand bridges

Individualized Protheses Over Implants 

We are the only current dental clilnic group with a dedicated fully digitalized dental laboratory for customization of dental implant abutments with zirconia ceramic crowns. We use

  • Advance Computer Aid Design (CAD) and Computer Aid Milling (CAM) scan and Milling machine from Germany
  • to allows more precise in gum margin fitting
  • shaped based on given specifications
  • Fast treatment delivery of prosthese over implants
Missing Tooth

Multiple Missing Teeth

Tooth Implant Bridges

Dental Implant Bridges

Poor Prognoses Teeth

Poor Prognoses Teeth


Upper & Lower All-on-4

Full Arch Missing Teeth

Full & Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental Implant Bridges

Implant Bridges & Implant Crowns

Missing Teeth

Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental Implant Crown

Dental Implant Crowns

Thailand Dental Implant Clinic

Contact Bangkok Interntional Dental Hospital (BIDH)

Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH)

98 Sukhumvit Soi 2, Khlong Toei,
Ploenchit area, Bangkok 10110
Entrance by Soi Duang Phithak Rd and Sukhumvit Soi 2
Tel : +66 2-115-8977 
Whatsapp : +66 95-517-1587
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BIDH Bangkok Dental Hospital

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Dental Prices

Treatment fees at BIDH Dental Hospital are standardized and fixed. There is a sterilization and nursing fee of 200 baht / per visit. Dental Consultation for Treatment Plan is FREE.  

Dental costs of implants below is for the full treatment fees that include dental implant posts, surgery fees with local anaesthesia, abutmet and standard porcelain crowns over implant posts. Dental implants treatments are normally paid in 2 installments.

 Dental Implant Treatment Dental Costs (includes crown)
SIC Invent Swiss Implant  49,000 
(from 65,000)
Straumann Titanium SLA Implant  70,000 
(from 80,000)
Straumann Roxolid SLA Implant  80,000 
(from 90,000)

Dental costs of implants below is for the full treatment fees that include dental implant posts, surgery fees with local anaesthesia, abutmet and standard porcelain crowns over implant posts. Dental implants treatments are normally paid in 2 installments.

 Tooth Implant Treatment Dental Costs (includes crown)
PI Branemark Implant  45,000 
(from 60,000)
Nobel Biocare Replace Implant  70,000 
(from 85,000)
Nobel Biocare NobelActive Implant  80,000
(from 80,000)
ทันตแพทย์พีรพัฒน์ กวีวงศ์ประเสริฐ

American Board Certified Implantologists

Implant cases at BIDH are treated by implant specialists who are international speakers and professors that teachers other implant dentists in thailand.  

Implant Straumann
รากฟันเทียม branemark

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