Endodontics Technologies

Endodontic dentistry has evolved and developed. Technological advancements has helped better to safe a tooth that will otherwise be removed. Root canal treatment and endo-surgery is now safer and faster.

  1. Endodontic Microscopes
  2. Root Locator
  3. Endodontic Micromotor
  4. Endodontic Obturation System

Endodontic Microscope


True-to-color Illumination

carl zesis micrcoscope

Clear View for Better Treatment

In endodontic treatments where your dentist sees in thin narrow spaces in your tooth root, having an endodontic microscope helps significantly from planning to actual treatment. Your endodontist can thus see exactly where need to be viewed.

BIDH endodontic center uses Carl Zesis OPMI® pico that can provides valuable support when performing challenging root canal treatments. The micrscope  provides true-to-color illumination very similar to natural daylight. It has high-contrast visualization to enable improved differentiation of dentin colors and enhances the pulp-chamber floor view. Your endodontist can thus view with clarity when treating teeth perforations.

With its 5-step magnification, the micrscope ZEISS facilitates the detection of canal orifices, making procedures fast and efficient. Microscopes provide better treatment, better support with clear view for conducting minimally invasive apicoectomy procedures.

Root Apex Locator

Root canal locator

Tooth Root Locator

The root apex locator unit aids endodontist on the measurement on length of tooth root. The device works in both wet or dry canal conditions and its accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, electrolytes, saline, tap water, or hydrogen peroxide.

The fully automatic root canal length measuring device (apex locator) provides accurate measurements in all canal conditions. It has automatic calibration to ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature and moist even within the tooth canal.

Dental Technologies

At a Glance


5,933 sqm. space
7 storey building
33 Dental Treatment Rooms
2 VIP Treatment Rooms
1 Dental Emergency Room
1 Operating theater
2 Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
4 Inpatient Rooms
1 Consultation Room
4 Panoramic and CT Scan
2 Meeting Rooms
1 Conference Hall
Basement Parking
Handicapped Toilet

Safety Mechanisms

Central Supply Sterile Department (CSSD)
Fire Protection System
Smoke Compartment Door
CSSD Water Quality Control
Medical Devices Inspection & Packaging
Loading & Sterilization Process
Sterilization Process Monitoring
Sterilized Storage & Distribution

Endodontic Micro-motor

The Endo-Mate Micro motor drills and measures the rotation speed as well as torque levels during root canal treatments. An autoreverse function activates when the present torque level has been exceeded. The motor reacts when load reaches the preset level of torque.

Combined root apex locator and mirco-motor allows your dentists to perform safe and more accurate root canal preparation.

microprocessor root canal treatment

System B Obturation System for Endodontics

Obturation is one to fill and seal a cleaned and shaped root canal after root canal treatment cleaning is completed using a root canal sealer and core filling material. This is done to

  • achieve a three dimensional fluid tight seal of the tooth root canal
  • to prevent bacterial micro leakage
  • for total obliteration of root canal space to prevent ingress of bacteria and body fluid into the canal
  • to replace the empty root canal space with an inert filling material to prevent recurrent infection

At BIDH endodontic treatments uses an automated endodontic obturation system device for reliability and accuracy. The System B dials in to the exact temperature and maintains its settings tthroughout the procedure.

obturation system

Summary – Endodontics Technologies

Microscopes, root locator units, micromotor and obturation system has improved the precision, comfort, safety and speed of having endodontic dental treatments. Root canal treatment at BIDH bangkok dental clinic is less invasive than ever and shorter in timings. Our team of endodontists at BIDH are dental specialists who specialize on tooth root treatments for root canal, endo-surgery treatment and other tooth root problems.  

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